Fai Flourite
Fai la britannia
"I'm finally happy with the family I love the most. I never want to return to where I came from."
Vital statistics
Alias Fai Flourite (as civilian), Idiot Prince, Moron, Wizard, Fai La Britannia (Renounced)
Nationality Valerian ¾ & Britannian ¼
Species Human ¾ & Anodite ¼
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Birthday November 22nd, 1984
Age 32
Schools & Clubs Owner & Manager of the Cats Eye Cafe restaurant in Tokyo
Resident Britannia Kingdom (formerly)

Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Sou Inn Boys Resident

Status Alive
Fai Flourite, formerly known as Fourth Prince Fai La Britannia is a Britannian Prince of the Royal Family that dwells in the Britannia Kingdom. A kingdom that exists parallel to Earth and surrounded by other Solar Planetary Kingdoms. He has an extended line of half brothers and half sisters but no desire to claim the throne of Britannia. He was also the former Sub-Viceroy of Area 11 that has known been reclaimed as the Haumea Kingdom after the final war.


Despite not being a fully mature Anodite being, Fai is considered pretty powerful in his own right. He is strong enough to seal one’s powers within them to keep them from being used when he is present (mostly done to avoid anyone getting hurt accidentally) and is a skilled, agile combatant. Another one of his many features is that he is known to be very kind and gentle no matter whom he is talking to. He seems to take amusement in addressing people by strange little nicknames. But when it comes to his younger sister Anne, he does not address her by any other name than the one she is given. Yui, his twin brother, is the main one that calls her ‘Annie’, whereas Fai calls her by name for it’s his way of detaching himself from her as they were not close as siblings. He enjoys listening to music, whether it is Tami Kanon (Prima) singing or he turns on some of his own music to just sit back and relax his stress away. And if he’s not doing that, he would sometimes have a book to read to pass the time by. Out of the three of them, Fai is the only one that possesses domestic skills such as cooking, cleaning, etc, because he’s had to take care of their ill mother who has attempted suicide on numerous occasions. Fai is actually quite intelligent even though he plays the part of an idiot quite well. Only those that have been around him to get to know him can pick up on how smart he really is and know for certain that he is not stupid in the least. He may not have an IQ that’s over two hundred but he is knowledgeable about some things.

Fai has carried a deep emotional burden for many years and values his own life very little. While he doesn’t fight as often as his other siblings, when he does fight, he never bothers to fight very hard for his life, but he will only do so if someone he cares about is being targeted or is in the line of fire. It doesn’t matter if it is a friend, family or a complete stranger. He hides his unhappiness through his smiling and happy go lucky demeanor, which makes it relatively easy for someone to become friends with him, despite the fact that he doesn’t allow anyone to get close to him. The only people he’s very close to are his mother, Mokona, Tami, his childhood friend Kurogane Kagoshima, Thunder and a few of his siblings who aren’t constantly bitching on a daily basis. He has never been close to his sister Anne because he views her as nothing more than a spoiled ungrateful brat that doesn’t appreciate anything. The only thing he deeply regrets in regards to her is placing a spell on her and removing her memories of who she is to teach her a lesson. He wasn’t as close with Yui as many believed him to be. There were many annoyances and contradictions that he found surrounding his brother that he did not care too much for. He doesn’t blame nor hate Zero for killing Yui, so therefore he has had no thoughts about seeking revenge. But he is tired of having empty titles that don’t allow him privilege to do anything with in regards to helping the Haumeans and as such, he renounced his name.


Fai is 6’2’’ with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a very slender build that is more common in younger males, making him weigh at least 110lbs at the most, but he has shown to have muscles to the point they’re not overbearing. He has a pale skin complexion, pointed chin, rounded face, and small rounded eyes. Because Fai is a descendant of Anodite energy beings, were he to achieve his full Anodite form, which would allow him to access other abilities that he does not possess currently, he would completely shed his entire human skin and his body would be humanoid-shaped, constructed of pure, compressed Mana. The colors of an Anodite vary from person to person and the most common color amongst females is a deep-dark purple color with an outline of a lighter-dark purple and their long flowing tendrils of ‘hair’ are bright of a bright pinkish purple glowing color.

For male Anodites is different. They do not have tendrils of hair and their body color varies from a series of blue, red, yellow-red, yellow-orange, and other colors that aren’t as feminine. It all depends on what color their powers are when they use them. Since Fai’s color for his abilities have always been sky-blue or blue, his Anodite form would be composed of the colors dark-blue and sky-blue. However, Fai does not wish to mature to such a form because he knows if he does, he will lose his humanity forever. As such, he’s satisfied with the way he is now. Now, concerning his attire, he is usually seen wearing a long white jacket with black gloves that go all the way up past his forearms, black leather pants, and black boots. He also wears a lot of formal wear considering that he is a Britannian Prince but as of late, he’s been coming out of that attire and wearing clothes that are more casual and comfortable such as t-shirts with jeans, an occasional suit with suede shoes majority of the time.


Fai La Flourite is the former Fourth Princes of Britannia with his deceased twin brother Yui La Britannia, carrying the title as Fifth Prince and their younger sister Anne La Britannia carrying the title as the Seventh Princess. All three of them share the same father, that obviously being Emperor Charles zi Britannia, but their mother Princess Marie La Flourite, came from a kingdom known as Valeria where magical beings dwelled. There all kinds from spellcasters to priests and priestesses, magical creatures (main magical ‘creatures’ being energy beings known as Anodites) all dwelled under the same kingdom. The rulers of Valeria, King Wei La Flourite and Queen Tomoyo La Flourite bore two children, Marie and her younger sister Annette, both princesses of Valeria. King Wei was a mage and known to be the second most powerful being in the kingdom second to his wife who was an energy Anodite being that have larger life spans than regular human beings so long as they have a catalyst for power known as ‘Mana’ to use to be able to continue to live longer (to a point where they can seem immortal).

Out of the two princesses, only Marie inherited her mothers Anodite powers to where using magic came easy for her without having to learn it through books and other various teachings as a opposed to a regular magic user who would have to spend years to get to an Anodite’s level of magic. Annette showed signs of jealous but Marie would often tell her that she had nothing to be jealous of. Magic is magic as it all comes and goes. Having magic doesn’t complete one as a person; people have to do that themselves by doing things the right way in their lives. Annette understood this and the two became closer as siblings. But things had changed when Marie had become pregnant for Charles zi Britannia, the Emperor of the Britannia Kingdom. Her parents immediately disliked the idea of their oldest daughter who could accomplish great things being with such a heartless man. And of course, she did not listen to them. She was blinded by her love for a man that she believed to love her and as such, she born twin boys by him, that she’d named Fai and Yui. The birth of twins were a sign of a bad omen for the people of Valeria were superstition and as such Marie and her children were sent to the Britannia Kingdom to live in the main palace.

By then, Tomoyo and Annette had already died, Annette from an illness and Tomoyo through acts of a slow suicide. As babies, Fai and Yui’s power rivaled that of their grandparents but as things began to go downhill for the kingdom, their own power would soon become limited, as they got older. For without a catalyst of Mana for them to draw from, their life spans will become shortened. Of course, this only depends on which one of them inherited Anodite powers. Unfortunately, Fai was the one that inherited them, from his mother and grandmother being one. Yui inherited his grandfather’s basic mage like magic that eventually died out when he eventually killed himself after killing everyone else in Valeria. This left Yui powerless, rendering him completely human. Fai was the smart one and learned to conserve his powers and not overly use them. And their mother was also another living survivor of Valeria. Their younger sister Anne was born later when both boys were twelve. She’d begun to display basic magical powers that allowed her to be able to transform into a Sailor Senshi. It is rare that an Anodite bears a child who becomes a Sailor Senshi. Should they, that child will display Senshi related powers only but they will be only one half Anodite and not receive any of their powers.

Life growing up in the palace with the other wives and children was not easy. Fai and Yui were targeted a lot by their older siblings who picked and teased them, making jokes about their heritage or just being silly because they came from a much more powerful kingdom than they had. Their mother would always intervene to get them to stop but it’d never worked. It wasn’t until she’d gotten on the mothers of the children that they had. From that point on, they just viewed both twins as idiots. Especially Fai who always played the part of one despite being very intelligent and powerful too because he displayed Anodite abilities so learning magic, spells and other powers came easy for him. But that didn’t necessarily meant he liked it. He found it to be completely boring actually. In fact, Fai was always bored. He never had fun being around his brother or sister but he did enjoy the company of some of his younger siblings that weren’t all about killing the Haumeans. If not that, he’d listen to some music, tend to the gardens or read a book to pass the time.

And it wasn’t until that he’d left the palace grounds one day and met young boy that was a year older than him by the name of Kurogane Kagoshima. He was Haumean but orphaned. He’d brought him back to the palace and showed his mother that he’d met a new friend. Marie had unofficially adopted him as her own son and she’d treat him as such by pounding him over the head anytime he’d tried to lay a hand on Fai. It was because of Kurogane that the boy started to actually smile and look like he was having fun and not bored all the time. They became close friends, even though he’d gotten on Kurogane’s nerves a lot of the time. He stayed with them for about two years and during that length of time, they would help strengthen each other’s battle skills. Fai had not made any plans on trying to achieve full Anodite maturity to where he would lose his humanity, for he was fine with his life, even if he had to deal with so many stresses. But it would be lying by not saying the thought has not crossed his mind. Now, Kurogane was good with a sword whereas Fai was not so he taught him how to wield one and at the same time Fai showed him how, if he wanted to, can use magic. But when Kurogane left, it’d felt like a part of Fai had left too. In fact, due to him leaving caused the young prince to actually cry for the first time in years since he had a habit for holding in all of his emotions and inner turmoil.

His mother’s home was nothing more than a dark, desolate kingdom, which left her and her children with no other immediate family other than those in Britannia. Everyone in Valeria was dead. This had drove Marie into a deep depression. She never mature into her full Anodite form thus she retained her humanity and would live out the rest of her life as a human until otherwise. She still had powers but never used them. Instead, she’d resorted to trying to relieve herself of all the pain she felt by harming herself with knives and even attempted to kill herself, though Fai walked in on her while she tried to do this, pleaded for her to stop, took and threw the knife away from her. Fai basically spent the majority of his life protecting his mother from herself. He and Kurogane were the only ones that were close to the woman unlike Yui and Anne. Yui may have been like Fai in some comparisons but they were completely different. Yui wouldn’t hesitate for a second to lay a hand on someone or just do it to keep up appearances. Anne, on the other hand, Fai hated Anne. She cared about no one but herself. In other words, she was just like their father. Hated Haumeans and feel as if they all need to do for there is no reason whatsoever to keep them alive.

The only other siblings of theirs that shared Fai’s views of how things should be handled were Princesses Nunnally, Chikage, and Rihanna and respectfully one of Charles’s many wives and that was Empress Marianne. All of them had a sense for the right way to do things without causing senseless and unnecessary bloodshed. He vowed to himself never to lay a hand on anyone whether it was family, a friend or a complete stranger. As for everyone else, though he always walked around with a smile on his face and calling everyone by strange nicknames as a play off of their real names, he refused to let anyone get close to him personally. But he stayed closed to his mother. Taking care of her for she eventually became unable to do things for herself for she had a nervous break down when Fai was only seventeen and hasn't come out of it since then. And while Yui and Anne do their own things, Fai mostly takes care of Marie, tends to the Britannian Garden plants and sometimes read for some self-entertainment. Just like when he was younger.

Five years passed and another war had broken out against the resistance members and Britannia, the Haumeans lost the battle. Many were killed, some injured and others scattered across around difference places. Twenty years old, Fai and Yui had decided to explore the damaged areas, with Fai kicking through some rubble and feeling bad that there is nothing he could do to stop the senseless killing. They were assigned to viewing the prisoners that were found and still alive in the midst of the destruction for they were to be arrested and executed. Of course, Fai told the guards to release them all except for one girl by the name of Tami Kanon who he thought was just absolutely adorable. Yui agreed and the both of them instead of letting her to, they had her wounds treated and gave her a place to stay in the palace. For the girl was famous for her angelic voice and used to sing for the late King and Queen of Haumea.

It was Yui's idea to rename her 'Prima' even though Fai wanted her to keep her original name. The girl was strong. Fai gave her that, for she fought with them consistently. Using her levitating ability to throw things at them and though Yui was a mage, he was powerless against the girl. Prima had broken many things in the palace when she'd regained consciousness until Renji eventually got tired of having the servants clean up his brothers' mess and ordered Lloyd to create a power canceling bracelet for her to wear on her wrist and he already knew about her being able to sing and so from that day on she was to perform at balls and other such parties. And she was only allowed to perform for Britannians ONLY. Fai found that to be unfair, but he was never one that liked to get into confrontations with his older siblings, especially Renji.

He felt deep sorrow for the young girl, despite willingly being friendly toward her. He masks how he truly feels about everything by putting on a happy-go-lucky and good-natured, and acts very carefree persona. Thanks to his training with Kurogane and what little he’d taught himself, he has shown to be as perceptive and a skilled fighter as a lot of his siblings. But he hardly takes his fights seriously and instead puts next to no effort at all and values his own life very little. He'll only fight hard when it's someone that he cares about is in danger. And he seems to be able to hide his unhappiness very well but only Prima is the one that can see through the wall he's built around himself. She tells him to stop worrying about whatever was bothering him and do something about it.


Fai became the Sub-Viceroy over Area 11 with is brother being the Viceroy in hopes to bring some peace to their world. But even with the title, he is still unable to do anything he would do that would help and benefit everybody. And being Sub-Viceroy was only nothing more than an empty title to him that tied him to the Britannian Imperial Family, even with him being the Fourth Prince of Britannia. After awhile, he gave up that title. For the longest, Fai has spent his time, up to now playing referee in a lot of sibling rivalry fights that broke out constantly. Those involved were usually Anne, Tamaki, Chikage, and Ezra screaming and yelling at each other over different things ALL the time. And because Chikage is emotionally unstable, her powers tend to get out of control when she is extremely upset. And to stop this, he uses his powers to seal hers within her only while he is present. This also goes for Tamaki but instead of getting emotionally upset, she loves to use her powers of teleportation to annoy the hell out of everyone, using the sealing power on her isn’t difficult but it’s a pain. And Anne... he may not be able to stop her from hitting people with her staff but he can at least seal her powers inside of her so she won't used them on people just for the hell of it or because she doesn't like them. Ezra... is very different.

Everyone else treated her poorly because of her drinking and drug habit, Fai does not. Instead he just prefers to listen to Ezra complain and talk, giving out simple advice if he can without her screaming obnoxiously. He doesn't use his sealing powers on her. Instead, when she gets out of control and won't go away when someone tells her to, he puts her to sleep by waving his hand once and commanding her simply just to sleep. The sealing and sleeping powers wear off once he leaves and is away from them all. Overall, Fai is someone that a few of the other Princes and Princess and even strangers feel comfortable talking to. Although lately for the past year and a half, things have gotten out of hand left and right. It seems like a lot of his siblings have dropped dead like flies one after the other. First Nunnally and Lelouch but somehow Lelouch’s body was recovered during the first rebellion attack and Nunnally appeared shortly thereafter. Then Yui, who he may have showed remorse for, is not angry nor seeks revenge for his death at the hands of Zero. Euphemia was killed because of her force of actions taken against Britannians and Haumeans by ordering them to be killed as well as killing people, staining her hands with blood without even realizing it until it was too late. When Kaoru attempted a hostile take over of the Moon Kingdom, it took some of the Sailor Senshi to remove her from power but they were not the ones responsible for killing her. Ezra did die by killing herself but was brought back to life as per Renji’s orders for whatever unknown reason.

Now recently, Daisuke has died by throwing himself into the palace furnace, leaving Gentaro and Hisoka alone. It was this action that was the final straw. Fai had renounced his name and title as the Fourth Prince of Britannia. Nothing more than a commoner in the eyes of Britannians, he has made it his primary goal to leave the Britannia Kingdom to live on Earth sooner rather than later. He was a bit surprised that Anne (who had been gone for an entire year and a half and returned some months back) wanted to come along with him, Kurogane, Tami and Mokona. He was impressed with how much change and maturity he had seen within his sister since her return to the palace. He had no doubts that she would return to the person she was before instead of changing to become a better person. He knew that Anne could do it, she just needed a little push. He knew that she was deeply sorry for how she'd portrayed herself around the palace before he took away her memories and didn't wish to go back to being that person. He accepted her decision even though he was willing to return her memories if she truly wanted them back.

Fai saw Anne's progression in trying to get to know her siblings all over again, become interested in what they liked to do and what their jobs were but ultimately, he could see the loneliness in her eyes, understanding of her staying under him whenever she wasn't off hiding somewhere out of fear that she would be treated in a same cruel and annoyed manner that the other siblings seemed to do just to shut Anne up whenever she opened her mouth. In a way, some of them still looked at her as the same old Anne, not really trying to get to know the new Anne. As for himself, despite his hatred of the person she used to be, he didn't look nor treat her any different. After all, she was his little sister and had always hoped that one day the two of them would eventually get along with one another and not be at odds because of the different views that they shared.

At least he didn't have to worry about hearing any racist comments out of her mouth and she got along with both Anne and Tami. Tami still didn't trust Anne, but that was to be expected. In the meantime, he was making sure that everything was packed and ready to go by the time they were ready to leave and go to their new home. But first, he wanted to help bring his mother out of the current state that she'd been in for half of his life. He wanted to see her happy and smiling again like she once was. So he'd asked Anne to help him bring their mother back to life in a sense. The two of them combined their powers together and as draining as it was, they were able to bring Marie back to her old self again. Unfortunately, she did not want to go with them to Earth. Instead she wanted to live the Britannia Kingdom to rebuild her home, the Valeria Kingdom.

So she relieved herself of her humanity (though she can take on the form of what she look like at any given time) and became a full fledge Anodite. She alone had enough power to revive her home and hopefully bring back anyone who managed to survive her father's insane massacre of their people. Marie would make sure that Charles nor anyone else from Britannia would invade her home in an attempt to take it over. But she promised to visit her children from time to time, whenever she wasn't busy and was proud of them both. And with that, she left. With Marie on a mission, Fai's own mission had been completed. The only task that was left to do be done was unlocking all of Mokona's powers that he had sealed using his own power, which he had done, therefore, Mokona took the form of a little six year old girl. A very hyper six year old girl.

But he loved Mokona all the same, Tami as well Kurogane and even Anne. Since there was nothing holding any of them back, no reason for them to say since it didn't look like the standstill of a war was going to end or stop any time soon, they packed up their things and left for Earth, specifically Tokyo, Japan where Fai had originally planned for them all to settle. They're currently renting a place to stay at the famous Hinata Sou Inn in the boys dorm, all of them. Fai took the liberty of enrolling all of the girls into the prestigious school known as Tsukuba Academy where he hopes they will find their place and make some new friends. In the meantime, he is in the process of opening up a small restaurant with Kurogane as a way to be able to earn some income. All the while, enjoying the luxury of peace and quiet as well as bumping into old friends like Setsuna Meiou and a few others.

Fai Flourite GalleryEdit

  • Fai's Anodite form
  • Anodite Fai
  • Fai dressed in civillian clothes

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Because Fai is descendant from the Valeria Kingdom, which inhabit magical energy beings known as ‘Anodites’ and managed to inherit the powers through his mother, giving him magical abilities more commonly known as ‘Mana’. And Mana varies from person to person, generation to generation, being to being. In Fai’s case, his Mana makes him ¾’s of an energy being due to his mother’s background. He is able to cast spells and use his powers through either staff passed down to him by his mother or his hand, rather than summoning a magic circle (which he is able to do as well), like most Mana users are required to do. The extent of Fai’s powers is unknown to others but over the years, he has learned to conserve, and self teach himself how to use them properly and become stronger. He only uses them unless it is absolutely necessary for him to do so. The source of his powers lies within the blue color of his eyes and with his powers being directly connected to his eyeballs, a loss of vision can easily lead to a loss of magic. In addition to his magical powers, Fai is also a strong and agile fighter, being able to knock back multiple opponents in a hand-to-hand combat battle where he doesn’t have to rely on magic to fight.

Power DetectionEdit

Fai has the innate ability to sense magic and other powers passively, such as detecting barriers or detecting power in people within close range of him. Though he writes off these instances of detection as ‘intuition’ and common knowledge for anyone with a basic understanding of magic.

Offensive MagicEdit

Fai has shown that he can manipulate and control life energy commonly known as ‘Mana’. This allows him to be able to do the following: create sky-blue and blue platforms (basically used to get around to higher places because he has not developed the ability of flight), portals (creating portals takes a lot of energy and as such he uses Mokona instead), shields, slides, beams, ropes, blasts, telekinesis, chains, cages, safety nets, barriers, bridges, healing (whether it is the wounds of others or drawing in more of his own power to heal his own wound and by doing so, this makes him much stronger) and energy bolts. Fai also possesses a series of other magic-related powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, levitation (it takes full concentration to do so), spell casting, sensing, memory control-and-manipulation, and time travel (through spells but considering that most time traveling spells are dangerous, he, again, uses Mokona instead). Unlike Yui, who overused his powers to the point he lost them, Fai maintains a preserved balance of his powers because he rarely used them over the years. And as such, this has made him quite powerful.

Seals & BarriersEdit

Fai has aptitude with seals, as he is able to create protective barriers by whistling, which is an example of demonstrated magic by the use of sound and music, but he has stated it is something he doesn’t particularly use often. He has, however, been known to seal another person’s powers within them by just merely being around them, forcing them to be unable to use them until he leaves. Once he does, that person (or people) is able to use their powers once again. This doesn’t work with everyone and it only happens by chance. Fai uses this power mostly on his younger sisters Anne, Chikage and Tamaki for their powers can be dangerous depending on their emotional level at the time. As for anyone else, he rarely ever uses it on them, even when fighting against an opponent.

Magic StaffEdit

Fai obtained a staff from his mother, Marie La Britannia. It is an ornate magical staff, which she used to cast her spells through even though she didn’t really needed. She’d passed it down to Fai and he used it as a way to limit himself from using his powers at full strength. He is never seen walking around with it unless he is actually going up against an opponent that wouldn’t require him to have to use so much of his magic just to defeat them. And it is rarely when he does.


  • Kurogane's departure when he was fifteen years old shows the first time that Fai ever cried in front of anyone. It can be hinted that he held some small romantic feelings towards his friend then but was afraid to admit them.
  • Fai hides his pain behind a smile and laughter. There have been times when he's been known to be sad but he doesn't or he tries not to show this side of himself around others. Especially his siblings.
  • He does not hold feelings of hatred nor does he treat his older brother Daisuke like the black sheep of the family because of his sexuality. Although he did disapprove of what he did to Gentaro.
  • Fai only pretended to be a perverted idiot when his twin brother Yui was alive. Once he was killed, he dropped the act of being perverted and just acted like an idiot when he is smarter than he lets on.
  • He doesn't hold any feelings towards Lelouch whom he knew was Zero for killing Yui as he is fully aware that Yui had a different view of how the Haumeans should be handled as well as treated.
  • Fai is the paternal mother of Daniel Nagisa and Kai Nagisa in the future but whether or not both boys take their mother's surname or father's surname has not been known at this point.

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