Former Humans
Draculaura - Former Human


Killed immediately after being bitten should they lose control allow the thirst for blood to consume them.


Super Enhanced Speed & Super Enhanced Strength


Former Human turned Vampire

A former human is a human usually bitten by a vampire, usually specific breed or injected with vampire blood that no longer classifies them as human. They will either die from blood loss and/or poisoning or more than likely suffer from the slow agony of awakening to become a vampire. Humans who are bitten by pureblood vampires are easily controlled by their master and are unable to kill their creator. One of the few advantages is that unlike normal vampires, they're not overly sensitive to sunlight. When hunters normally capture vampires such as these before they lose control, they brand them with a tatto and perform a taming ceremony, that enables them to disable a vampire linked with a piece of jewelry. While the hunters have a ward to prevent vampires from entering their buildings, an exception is made for tamed vampires.

However, when an ex-human losses his or her humanity and goes mad with bloodlust, they're put on a list for immediate exterimination. However, they can be saved from this fate if the pureblood that created them gives them their blood. However, an ex-human vampire can drink other pureblood blood as well. However, there are other humans turned vampire that don't fall mad with bloodlust. In fact, while they are bitten by a vampire, the one who made them what they are, they are more tamer despite the fact that they will still crave for the taste of blood, however, they don't allow themselves to be consumed by it. There has only been one case where a human was turned vamipre through the use of a contract made between another human and a demon, but this contract allowed this former human to not be killed so easily, which proves that one can become a vampire through means other than being bitten and turned.

Examples of Former HumansEdit

Temporary VampireEdit


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Super Enhanced StrengthEdit

Possesses incredible strength but doesn't rival those of Purebloods or Shinso vampires.

Super Enhanced SpeedEdit

Possesses incredible speed and has agile reflexes.

Sunlight ImmunityEdit

Not overly sensitive to sunlight for they're still able to wake within it without getting burned although some former humans are still affected by the suns rays.

Blood CravingsEdit

Like any vampire, ex-humans also have a particular taste in blood that they favor. However, if they've fallen mad to bloodlust, then taste in blood doesn't matter as they will kill and drink from almost any person within their hind of sight.

Known Former HumansEdit

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