Eishōin Izumi Ryuuga Lawliet




Japanese American


Unknown, presumed Heterosexual


October 25th, 2014 (Possible Future)




Tsukuba Academy 11th Grade
Book Club Member
Otaku Club Member


Sailor Team


Tokyo, Japan (Present & Future)



Unlike her sister Sen, Eishōin is quite an intelligent teenager. She’s what most would call a super genius and since she is Hideki’s child in the future, she takes after him. Most of the time, you’ll catch her reading a book, preferably manga, that is way above her age to read. She still likes to put puzzles together, despite the fact that she is much older. She also shows amazing skill as a warrior which she gets from her mother Jasmine, being able to wield weapons like a reverse blade sword that is able to transform into a Harisen weapon. Given that Eishōin doesn't get to emotionally involved with ... people as a whole, she's maintained a serious demeanor and will not hesitate for a second to address someone as a 'fool' or 'idiot' if she sees with her own eyes that they're acting as such. She does not get involved in petty squabbles among her sister's friends, believing them all to be childish and need to get over themselves, grow up and stop focusing on things that are meaningless. Eishōin takes great pride in her skills and becomes offended when anyone deems her to be weak when they've not taken her on in a real fight. She has a habit in sitting in a crouched position which many find to be either odd or an improper way of sitting and for that, she has been told to sit up straight which she hates to no end.

Eishōin doesn't like to wear bright colored clothes, or anything she feels that would make her look like a trashy slut. She has a very low opinion of her twin when she constantly wears clothing like tank tops, short shorts and skirts. Though Eishōin particularly doesn't 'hate men', she just has no interest in dating them, feeling that they're nothing but a complete waste of time. She doesn't socialize very much with other girls her age or guys for that matter because she particularly hates stupid people and does not like to center herself around them. There have been times where she's made efforts to attack guys, especially the ones that are perverted. Which is the reason why she tries to kill her animal guardian Chojiro, an ermine who was placed in charge of watching over her and her sister. She has a fiery temper, not hesitating at all to tell someone off if needed, especially if she finds them to be nothing more than a distraction if they're not bothering to train but just stand around and look. She does not fear those that call themselves hunters and will fight them too should they decide to attack those she cares about. Also she barely sleeps when she’s supposed to which she ends up having mild insomnia.


While Eishōin and Sen may be twins, they do not look the same. In fact, Eishōin is much taller than her sister at the height of 5'8, the color of her eyes black just like her father's, her skin complexion pale and her hair is black and short, only going down to the back of her neck. Her bust size is like Jasmine's, out there and she tries so much to hide the fact that they're big but it never works. The attire she prefers to wear are dark clothes like black, purple, red, anything Gothic related and it's mostly long skirts or black goth pants with chains on them that she wears with shirts that have some sort of logo on them and a pair of steel toed boots. Though if given the chance, she will walk around barefoot.


Eishōin Ryuuga Lawliet, is the twin sister of Sen Ryuuga Lawliet, little sister of Sakura and Airi Ryuuga Lawliet and the daughter of Jasmine and Hideki from the future. Originally, she'd been sent to the present as a small child to get to know her future parents, much like Sakura and Chibi-Usa. When she arrived, she was nothing more than a quiet little girl who loved to read books, put difficult puzzles together and eat sweets. She wouldn't each much of anything else unless you make her eat it. Personality wise, she was much different from Sen, being one that doesn’t like to move around much and she quite intelligent as also. She’ll stay in one spot practically all day, quiet playing with puzzle games or reading books that are above her reading level. And just like any child that comes from the future, Eishōin had powers of her own. She was able to read the minds of others unwillingly, though just because she is, it gives her nothing but grief because she can easily get headaches if too many thoughts are in her head all at once. She can also lend new powers to those that already have them as well as those that didn't. No one was aware of this ability, she having used it only once to allow Minako Aino to grant Near and Mello powers by mooching off of hers. She hated being forced to sit up straight for she doesn’t like it and she is barefoot, preferring to not wear shoes. Eishōin immediately showed a dislike towards car seats and high which she'd start crying until she’s taken out of it. Not only that, despite the fact that she was only five years old, she handled things with delicate care, as opposed to Sen who broke a lot of irreplaceable items around the dorms.

Though back from the future as a teenager, her tastes for sweets has not changed either. She loves to eat ice cream, strawberry short cake and various fruits. Eishōin still sits in the crouched position like her father Hideki except it proves to be hard to do so when wearing short school uniform skirts, thus she wears either black goth pants and long black skirts that hide her legs. Yes, Eishōin is Gothic. She tends to like to wear a darker shade of clothing and if she wears a skirt it’s usually a long black one with a pair of black steel toed boots. But if she's not going anywhere that necessarily requires her to wear shoes, she will walk around barefoot. She and her sister will continue staying at the Hinata Sou Inn in the girls dorm with their parents but they will also be going to school as well. As for why she's and her sister are back, they were given the mission of protecting over their older sister Sakura to make sure that no harm comes to her while she is still a baby. Eishōin has friends in high places to help with that before her return to the present. Whether they be evil or good she can easily make a deal with them. This cause some to easily distrust because of that.

And traveling with Eishōin and her sister is a Moon Kingdom animal guardian much like the three lunar cats Luna, Artemis, and Diana, will be a perverted and erotic ermine named Chojiro Arashima, which Eishōin can’t stand to hell. She’s always trying to attack him when he’s doing something that pisses her off. Yes, it is not that hard to piss off Eishōin. She has quite the temper and will easily hurl out swear words in great anger when she’s attacking someone out of annoyance (mostly the ermine). Though she’s not a hater of men, she does tend to get hit on a lot by guys when she doesn’t understand what makes her so god damn attractive. This doesn't necessarily means, she likes perverted guys for the first one that makes an pass at her or tries to feel her up, she goes on the attack. Either that, ‘E Kick’ them or strike them with her sword. She’s not obsessed and boy crazy like Sen is. And she addresses both Jasmine and Hideki as not ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ but as 'Otou-sama' and 'Okaa-sama', feeling that is the proper way to address ones parents.


Battle w/Queen RiaEdit

During the final battle between Queen Ria and the Sailor Senshi, she and her sister were sent back to the future to be kept out of harms way. They weren't allowed to return until after their older sister Sakura born and Ria defeated. Now that she has, Eishōin and Sen, came back from the future to the present but as teenagers. Double the trouble, for the once two little girls are not the cute little twins that everyone remembers before they left. Eishōin has come back equipped with a whole lot of fighting power. She still has her original abilities from when she was a child, like mind reading (she's still unable to control it, coupled with headaches) and power lending but now that she’s a teenager, she carries around a reverse blade sword that was given to her. So now she has traits of both parents for Jasmine learned how to use a sword when she was much younger and continued to train with her own mother, Eishōin did the same, however this fact is implied to avoid revealing too much of her future. She’s became quite good in fact.


Sen Ryuuga LawlietEdit

Eishoin's relationship with her sister Sen, is similar to their mother and aunt as they do not get along with one another because their personalities are different despite being twins and it is normally common for twins to do just about everything together, even liking half of the same things. But they do not. Eishoin, while she doesn't per say think of her sister as an idiot, she does find her to be quite lazy, unmotivated and a danger to trees. She does not take certain things seriously like she should and oftentimes makes snide blunt comments in regards to her sister's behavior from time to time. She does care about her sister very much but doesn't show it but instead displays annoyance whenever around her.

Hideki Lawliet & Jasmine Tsukino LawlietEdit

Eishoin holds her parents in high regard and respects them to a point that she addresses them as 'otou-sama' and 'okaa-sama'. She has no problems following anything that they tell her to do which makes them more proud of her than they are with Sen. They do love Sen but they wish she would apply herself more. Eishoin doesn't argue with her parents but will voice her opinion bluntly around them.

Airi Ryuuga Lawliet (Chibi-Chibi)Edit

Eishoin respects Airi as her older sister and does have a lot of faith in her that she is strong despite her lacking the confidence in herself to believe so. She gives her sister odd advice which somehow actually allows things to work out in the end. In the future, the two of them are actually quite close.

Sakura Ryuuga LawlietEdit

Eishoin is very protective of her baby 'older sister' since she is not able and old enough to protect herself as she's yet to develop her powers as a Sailor Senshi due to being too young to use them. As such, she along with Sen and Airi watch over her to keep her safe. Their relationship in the future is unknown at this point.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


A power that Eishōin has been able to control and thanks to the battle against Aizen. In the very beginning, she was basically considered a danger to anyone who was around her because their thoughts easily pushed their way into her head no matter how much she tried to push them out. They never left. Thanks to her training, she'd gained control over this power, given that while it may be a helpful ability, it is also dangerous when she is around others with the same power but have more control and easily push her out of their mind. The most it'd ever manifested is when she was around large groups of people. It no longer gives her grief and headaches like it used to but now it only works when she wants it to and she has to be in close range of a specific person who's mind she's trying to read. She's also learned how to mentally push someone out of her mind whom she deems not welcome if she'd not given them permission to infiltrate her thoughts.

Power CancelingEdit

This is a natural ability inside of Eishōin held within her. She was born with the abilities to cancel out spells that are cast upon her, preventing her from being affected by magic, although this doesn't seem to be the case with illusions. This ability blocks all spells from simple love potions to the most powerful abilities used by mages and other powerful beings. Though mostly it blocks magic from the outside, it seems to be a little weaker from blocking magic from the inside such as eating magical candies. She is one of the very few born with such a unique power and it cannot be copied if someone were to try and pretend to be her.

Enhanced StrengthEdit

Even without powers similar to everyone else's, Eishōin has shown herself to be deceptively strong, as shown from her ability to easily pick up things and start throwing them at people. She is also strong enough to pick up someone with ease and toss them six feet into the distance from where she stands. Whether they were a demon or human. Her strength is also great enough to knock out the door by a single leg or slash just about anything.

E KickEdit

Eishōin has a powerful kick, much like her father. However her kick became sort of a signature move of hers whenever she’s not near her reverse blad e sword and in the future some nicknamed it the ‘Super E Kick’ or just ‘E Kick’.

Reverse Blade SwordEdit

When Eishōin comes back to the present as a teenager, presented in her hand will always be a reverse blade sword that she carries around with her constantly. It is now equipped with her old and some new attacks. While as a normal reverse blade, she is unable to take the life of another unless she flips the blade over and use it as a sword to kill. It is rare when she does this and it is usually when she is dead serious about killing someone. While usually performing left-handed, Eishōin appears to be ambidextrous as she has shown proficient skill wielding her sword in her right.

  • Oni Cleansing - By infusing her ki into the sword, with one slash, she is able to rid evil demonic spirits and dark energy from the body of a human being without actually having to harm them. If it's a weak spirit, Eishōin is able to defeat it with ease, however if it is a strong one, give or take a few ten thousand years, chances are, this attack won't even scratch it. As for cleansing a human under the influence of just regular dark energy, when performing this attack, the ending result would caused them to be knocked out and black smoke starts coming out of their body.
  • Lightning Blade - Another slashing attack, only this one involves infusing lightning energy into the sword itself. If made contact with the ground, it sends an explosive trail of lightning towards her opponent and if made contact, it knocks them out on the first blow. Because this power requires the use of so much of Eishōin's strength that it can only be used twice. After that, it leaves her completely drained.
  • Ensis Exorcizans - Eishōin is able to use her power lending ability to her advantage and uses it on her reserves blade sword, allowing it to be able to transform into it's true form, which is a great weapon known as a 'Harisen'. Despite the large size, she can wield the weapon with no difficulty. The harisen exorcizes demons, dark energy and spirits with a single swipe, and the sword itself is strong enough to cleave through rock. However, the harisen has little to no effect against opponents that possess no magic, such as robots and non-magical beings. Also, Eishōin is able to counter multiple magical attacks with the sword. It also possesses cancellation powers similar to Eishōin's and negate chi based attacks. Originally, this form of her sword would only appear whenever she awakened it with her lending power or manifest in situations of great emotion. Now, she has gained control over her sword to be able to make it appear at will whenever she needs it.

Eishoin GalleryEdit

  • Eishoin as a little girl
  • Younger Eishoin crying
  • Eishoin, Sen, & Chojiro in a photo taken.


  • Eishoin is like a female version of L from the Death Note series.
  • Eishoin's character design was slightly based off of Motoko Aoyama but instead of distrust of men and finding them to be weaklings, she considers them to be nothing more than a distraction and detests perverted men, which is why she comically attacks her animal guardian Chojiro who is a perverted ermine. Her skills using a sword a mix of Motoko Aoyama and Asuna Kagurazaka.
  • While currently Eishoin isn't close to her twin sister Sen because they don't really share the same outlook when it comes to handling and approaching life related matters, but it can be hinted that as they get older, in the future, they do and will be come much closer as sisters, forming a bond with one another that their mother and aunt currently lack.
  • There is a possible love interest for Eishoin coming soon.

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