Daniel Nagisa
Daniel nagisa01


Danny (for short)
Danny Boy (he hates this)
Danielle Nagisa (Evil Female Counterpart)
Dark Danny


Britannian ½, Haumean ¼, & Valerian ¼


¾ Human & ¼ Anodite




October 20th, 2021 (Possible Birth YR.)




Tsukuba Academy 11th Grade
Book Club Vice President
Robotics & Science Club Secretary


First Floor > Room 52


Tokyo, Japan (present & future)



Daniel is quite strong when it comes to using his magical abilities. This is due to the fact that he inherited them from his paternal “mother”, Fai Flourite. And as such, using magic isn’t much of a problem from him unless he is trying to learn something new that he wishes to try. As such, this puts him at odds with his older brother Kai who only developed basic magic but it isn’t on par level with his brother or Fai’s but Daniel pays no attention to this because he doesn’t find having such power to be a competition to be the best or just to prove that he is stronger than anyone else. No, he is more analytical but there will be times he’ll be stupefied when trying to figure out something to the point of frustration because he cannot get the answer he is looking for.

He’s also a quick thinker and an instinctive person. It is rarely that Daniel will trust others too quickly for he has been known to be a careful person. He can handle himself well no matter the conditions be it magic or non-magic related for he is quite a skilled martial artist, being able to body slam his brother that is obviously twice his size and repeatedly pound the hell out of him without so much as breaking a sweat.However, he only does this to Kai and while enraged when he does something that truly sets him off. In short, he is strong physically and even mentally. Daniel’s also been known to show concern for the people around him that he cares about. He’s well mannered, speaking others names and adding honorifics at the end of them except for certain people, where he displays inflating sarcasm at certain times. Daniel is a very caring, compassionate when it is appropriate.

He also show some domestic skills as well given that he loves to cook and is slightly OCD when it comes to tidiness, and reading in his spare time. It is to be known that Daniel takes his education very seriously as he has been known to stay up late all hours of the morning while having to wake up so early for school, study for whatever tests and exams and managing to pass them with ease. Yes, he is very intelligent with an IQ of 200. He’s a bit of computer and tech wiz as well, having his own laptop that he uses to research enemies information regarding enemies he’s met or items used by those people. He is straightforward and very brave despite the circumstances.

Although smart, brave, powerful and all that other good stuff, Daniel can be viewed as a very hypocritical person. An example would be telling others to not let the stress of their problems cloud their mind to the point they end up doing something on their own that could result in them getting themselves killed or others killed. To face their fears, face their past and learn from those mistakes. In other words, he doesn’t follow his own advice because he has made mistakes in his own time such as at one point becoming addicted to using magic on a whim by following around with a bad crowd of people when he was younger and thanks to that, he ended up storing more built up magic inside of him than he really needed. Oftentimes, he’d become much darker and snap at people for no reason whatsoever. He’d come to, in a sense, depend on magic for everyday use instead of doing things on his own. And when he’d ended up hurting someone because of his magic addiction, he thought that by removing the excess magic, things and life for him would get better.

But he’d only succeeded in creating an evil female Anodite version of his powers that’d called herself ‘Danielle’ that was bent on trying to kill him so that only she would exist. While this problem has been taken care of since Daniel did face his fear of having so much magic by reabsorbing it back into his body, he feels guilty that if he hadn’t done anything at all, his friends would’ve eventually gotten hurt because of him. He still has a long way to go with controlling his powers and hates it when others use theirs so carefree without realizing the consequences behind doing so. That and wishes Kai would stop being so competitive with him. He loves his brother but views him to be a complete idiot and a nuisance. He’d rather goof off and not put a lot of effort into anything unless someone gets on his case about it. And Daniel finds that to be irritating. Daniel is partially OCD when it comes to cleaning because he ALWAYS has to clean up behind his brother who is the opposite of him, which is messy. Though smart, Daniel is still young and therefore can be naïve at times.


Daniel is 6'1 with short and smooth spiky black hair and blue eyes. He has a slender build like his paternal mother Fai Flourite, giving him sort of a feminine figure despite being male. He's shown to have muscles but they're not overbearingly large like how most guys have them and his he has a tanned skin complexion like his paternal father Kurogane Kagoshima. He has a rounded face and chin as small rounded eyes. Because Daniel is a descendant of Anodite energy beings, were he to achieve his full Anodite form (something that he would not allow to happen), he would have access to other abilities that he doesn't currently possess, requiring him to completely shed his entire human skin and his body would be humanoid shaped, constructed of pure compressed Mana. The colors of an Anodite vary from person to person and the most common color amongst females is a deep-dark purple color with an outline of a lighter-dark purple and their long flowing tendrils of ‘hair’ are bright of a bright pinkish purple glowing color. For male Anodites it's different. They do not have tendrils of hair and their body color varies from a series of blue, red, yellow-red, yellow-orange, and other colors that aren’t as feminine. As for his attire, he is normally seen wearing blue jeans with a small chain attached to the belt loop and pocket of the pants, short sleeved white shirt with red trimmings at the ends of the sleeves and a red oval in the center of the shirt and a red and white no sleeve vest with white socks and white shoes with a red stripe on the sides of them. He does not wear a boys school uniform, unless absolutely necessary and is normally seen wearing other clothes as well.

Now, the brief moments that Daniel had turned evil, his hair completely changed from black to white and he sported an all over black suit with white boots that went all the way up to his knees, white gloves, and a white belt around the waist. When Daniel separated half of his powers which created an evil female clone based off of him, Danielle had achieved full Anodite, shedding her skin before Daniel before he'd managed to absorb her along with her powers back inside of his body. As an Anodite, Danielle took on the form of a magical humanoid who's entire body was completely dark red all over except for her hair which was long, going all the way down to her body waist and the markings all over her body, both of them a very bright shade of red. If Daniel were to reach full Anodite form, again, he would not because of the simple fact he likes being human way too much, his entire body would just be dark red and glowing.


Daniel 'Nagisa' is a human born Anodite native to Tokyo, Japan sixteen years into the future and is best friends with Terrance Blackwood and Samantha Manade and became sort of a side-kick for a young girl who was considered to be a 'Slayer', a hunter of mystical forces named Alina Stewart but when fighting she went under the alias of 'Saint Tail'. He also has an older brother that is a year older than him named Kai Nagisa. Let it be known that 'Nagisa' isn't Daniel's real last name but in fact an alias last name that he and his brother uses when they travel from their time to the current present of 2011-2012 to stop the impending evil that not only threatens the entirety of a prestigious Japanese school known as Tsukuba Academy but the entire world as well. The two of them have made it their mission to go back in time to change the events of what is happening in their time so the world will not become overtaken by the shadows of darkness and its ruler. Thus, why he and Kai or on this mission but not much is known about it to others. Only another Anodite named Aphrodite Ada, a female demon named Hecate Reid and a pure blood vampire named Teivel Zahn known the full extent of their mission. It should be most obvious that Daniel's parents are Kurogane and Fai and Mokona and Tami are his stepsisters with Anne being his Aunt.

Daniel, Samantha and Terrance became Alina's first official friends with Kai sometimes being part of the group whenever he wanted to be but it was usually to hit on Alina or Samantha, much to Daniel and Terrance's annoyance. Daniel, while not a meek person had become an unassertive person and simply just your basic nerd but over time grew into a powerful and authoritative individual. How was Daniel born you ask? Think magic that can change an individual’s gender plus intimacy and you have your answer. Though such a birth is considered to be illogical as well as unnatural considering that 'Fai' was born male, he had been changed into a female due to a certain playful cat girl in his earlier years, allowing him to be able to conceive children, hinting that 'ALL' the functions work when those one gender switch to the other. Anyway, Daniel was born to Fai and Kurogane a year after Kai had been born. He isn't particularly close with his family while growing up as he always had disagreements and arguments with not only his older brother but his father Kurogane as well, the two of them being so much alike in personality. As a child, he had been already told of his family roots considering that he out of him and Kai had invoked his Anodite powers, allowing him to be able to freely manipulate mana and do magic spells at a much faster rate than his brother who was just a mere mage and had always resented his younger brother because of it. Daniel was someone that kept to himself but is generally a kind young man when interacting with others, a trait that he'd gotten from his paternal mother (Fai). Because of his distant nature, there are times when his family noticed things about him a bit too late like one time where he had grown his hair long to where it stopped at his shoulders, he eventually had cut it. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, something that Kurogane has especially when it comes to others with abilities who use them for unjust means and this extremely pisses Daniel off to no end when he see people do that.

In short, Daniel was an aggressive and easily annoyed person who is incredibly intelligent and learns how to easily do things through not only training but through watching as well. Kurogane had taught both of his sons how to fight, practicing martial arts moves and techniques, both Kai and Daniel equal in skill and strength as he has beaten his older brother numerous of times. There was one point where the two of them were close but as they got older and their personalities and powers differed from one another. Kai became more jealous and angry with Daniel and no matter how hard he tried to do things that seemed smart, Daniel would still call Kai stupid. Deep down, he trusts his older brother greatly but doesn't understand why he wants to strive to be stronger and more powerful than him as having powers of that of an Anodite is nothing to jump for joy over. He had limits, like any other unmatured Anodite who does not fully accept their heritage and become a full fledge energy being made up of solely mana and magic. Something that Fai's mother, Marie adored about Daniel but he feared her because she constantly smothered him with so much affection when he was a small boy. So, anytime he sees her, he tends to run.


Moving on, during his early school years as a junior high student at well-known Tsukuba Academy that his stepsisters and Aunt attended, he became a reclusive nerd with a light risqué sense of humor. He was a member of the school's book club, math club, a part-time computer club member and a member of the robotics & science club. Occasionally he'd be willing to offer to tutor someone but normally he would always be found relaxing on top of the cafeteria roof reading a book or hiding in the library. He did actually make some friends, outcasts Terrance Blackwood a tech geek and inventor and Samantha Manade, as both were transfer students. The three of them surprisingly became the best of friends but was often ridiculed by more popular classmates, including cheerleaders like Maki Kiran and Hikari Ventus. Daniel has had a few crushes both male and female which makes him bisexual but he has never pursued any of them. Samantha secretly harbors a crush on Daniel but these feelings were often ignored because his attention was on other things or on other people. It was during his sixth year of junior high at Tsukuba that he and his friends had met new American exchange student Alina Stewart, who Terrance had a major crush on.

After witnessing Daniel get insulted by Maki who has a tendency to intentionally bother him and his friends, Alina quickly approached him as a friend despite wondering what a girl like herself wanted to hang around him for as Alina struck him as the type of girl that would hang around Maki and her crew. Though they became best friends and she'd been introduced to Sam and Terrance. However, there was a twinge of jealous coming from Sam as she thought that the girl by end up liking Daniel just as she does secretly. They discovered Alina's secret when Daniel's friends were pursued by a group of rouge vampires. Daniel managed to fight them off using his powers (it can be assumed that Sam and Terrance hung around him enough to know about his family and his powers) and then Alina stepped in and fended some of them off as well. This is how they discovered that Alina was classified as a hunter known as the 'Slayer' who dedicates her life to fighting against the forces of evil. They officially had begun working together, helping each other defeat evil beings and other various mystical forces. Daniel and Terrance often assisted, with Daniel through sparring sessions and Terrance with his advanced computer and hacking skills and Sam being there to help as well but felt that she really had nothing to offer. That is until they'd met Alina's Water, Neilson Manson, the school's librarian during their time. Sam would help Neilson research information on demons and other various beings whenever a problem arose. By the end of his seventh year, Terrance's love for computers and technology almost got him and his friends killed by a demon that pretended to be a teenage girl talking to him over the net.

The entire time, Daniel kept trying to get his friend's attention but he kept ignoring him and the others but came to realize the true nature of the demon and its goal when it revealed itself in a robotic form. The demon was defeated but Terrance had felt bad for falling in love with a demon so he went back to crushing on Alina. Daniel also felt bad for being the first one that was suspicious from the beginning and treated his friend out for ice cream. There had been horrible crush incidents ending in disaster such as Sam falling for the new handsome science teacher who was really an insect posing as a human in order to trap young girls into mating with him, Daniel saved her in time before it'd managed to try and Alina developing a long time love and crush on a vampire named Aiden. There were more and more strange occurrences at Tsukuba that were far worse than the ones that started to slowly happen over time. As such, Daniel had begun digging a little deeper into his heritage in practicing more in magic and spells to where he became exceptionally great at it, much to Neilson's worry because of the boy being an Anodite that can easily become obsessed with wanting to play with dangerous magics that were beyond his control. Such as time hopping, which is how he'd met a female demon named Hecate Reid and later another Anodite woman named Aphrodite Ada. Over the course of the year, he has witnessed many deaths of several students that personally affected him.

Like the event involved Alina’s death being prophesied by a leader of vampires. Daniel and his friends became much more accepting to certain vampiric beings who were not out to kill the human race and such them dry, using them for food. One vampire in particular other than Aiden was a young boy that was a pure blood vampire named Teivel Zahn that he had met during one of his time hopping travels back to his own time with Hecate and Aphrodite whom he kept secret about from his friends. They had come across a fight between vampires that entered into the wrong territory and Teivel was assisting in the fight. Daniel, and the two women who he found to be incredibly annoying mind you, joined in on the fight and he’d asked of him if he’d like to join them and fight together. Originally, Teivel said no but he tolerated Daniel so long as Hecate and Aphrodite kept their distance and their affection to themselves. His sixth year ended with him and his friends fighting off vampires and a tentacle monster that spawned from underneath the school that had been awaken by the vampire leader that had bitten Alina and left her to die but she was saved by Terrance and finished off the vampire leader.

The second enemy they had to deal with come their seventh grade year was small town villains causing disturbances, including more faculty members disguising themselves as the good guys when they were really just plain evil with motives. Daniel’s personality does change somewhat and during one year of Halloween, with some help from his brother forcing him to be a different person for once and to lighten up, assuming that he was trying to bond with his younger brother at the time, was to get him to dress up as something different. Daniel hated Halloween for unknown reasons and didn’t want to do it so to satisfy his idiotic brother’s need for attention, he dressed up, as a ghost though underneath the ghostly costume was a punk gothic look that Kai and Sam had put together. He felt uncomfortable wearing it, let alone walking around in it and used the costume to hide it all. But thanks to an old friend of Neilson’s playing with dark magics, he caused everyone to take on the personas of the costumes that they wore and since Daniel wore a ghost costume over the outfit underneath it, he became a ghost, being able to walk through walls but not touch anyone. Everyone else except Maki had taken on the mind-sets of those they were dressed as. Another incident is when Alina lied to go to a college frat party with Maki, Daniel surprised his friends when he yelled at Neilson for not letting Alina have time to herself and be a teenager and yelled at Aiden for not at least bothering to make time for her if he was going to be dating her.

Daniel also didn’t bother to understand Terrance’s brief relationship with Maki when Sam had caught them kissing and was shock as well as disgusted while wondering what was wrong with him and how could he involve himself with someone like Maki who’s hated them for as long as they could remember. Their friendship was rocky after that but they eventually made up and Daniel was glad for that because he was tired of them giving each other the cold shoulder or Sam always hitting Terrance for generally doing nothing half the time other than being himself but dating Maki. He had a brief relationship of his own with a young student named Hitomi Aizawa that was a vocalist and guitarist in an all girls local band called ‘Mind Over Waste’. The two had begun talking during one of Tsukuba Academy’s career fairs and he later invited her to Alina’s birthday party where she witnessed a wild demon creature being killed. Even after realizing that the girl was a werewolf, Daniel continued to date her and confidently kissing her at his own accord. During near the end of their seventh grade year when the computer science teacher Rida Caid, that Neilson had a fondness for had gotten murdered by a soulless Aiden who’d returned to his old self, Daniel had agreed to teach her classes for the rest of the year. Rida was Daniel’s favorite teacher and he’d taken that time to go through some of her belongings, most of them involving small spells that Daniel dabbled with, but nothing too dangerous.

He later discovered the flash drive containing the translated text of a ritual that would restore Aiden to his original self by giving him back his soul and Daniel took it upon himself to perform it so that Alina wouldn’t have to kill Aiden as a last resort. His first attempt at doing the ritual was in the school’s library but that’d failed when Aiden’s minions had attacked him and his friends, though this had resulted in Daniel being knocked unconscious and having to be taken to the hospital due to a bookcase dropping on top of him. But he managed to recover while confidently wanting to perform the ritual there at the hospital with Kai, Hitomi, and Sam at his side. He told Terrance to go after Alina to inform her of it but because of Terrance’s inner hatred for Aiden because he himself has a crush on her and vengeful over the murder of Rida, he told Alina to kill him. The climax of the ritual caused a burst of magic to surge through him to where Aiden’s soul was restored but it was too late since Alina had to kill him, known that he didn’t realize all the things that he’d done. After that event, their eighth grade year began (ninth for Kai) and Daniel took this time to focus more on controlling his abilities and as such, he’d joined a magic club with the other members being legitimate magic users like Amelia Madokuji and Messiah Czajak. And unlike the others, it didn’t come as a surprise to Daniel that Alina has a secret relationship with Aiden who had somehow mysteriously returned.

Sam and Terrance were mad as hell at Alina for not warning them before hand about Aiden’s reappearance but Daniel was not, deep down believing that he’d been restored to life for a purpose but was unclear as to what it could have been. After that, things seem to become relatively normal, at least for a little while. He and Terrance had one of those ‘dating’ talks again to which case Daniel became bored and didn’t want to discuss the subject at all. Terrance had started believing that there was something wrong with him because he could never get a girlfriend and then all of a sudden he’d started liking on Maki, the both of them still currently dating. But he found dating her to be difficult since she liked being in the public eye and keeping up her appearance despite her former cheerleading friends having dropped her because they felt she was dating a nerd. He’d always still have a crush on Alina despite dating Maki but Daniel told him that there’s nothing wrong with him but he should eventually tell Maki the truth and not continue to lead her on if he doesn’t feel that way about her the same way he does for Alina who will unfortunately never like him back. Terrance asked him about Hitomi and how does Daniel feel about her. He told him in confidence there were tells he was falling in and out of love with her but he never strayed to look at others because the very thought of it was inappropriate. Sure she was smart and pretty but unfortunately, he was slowly growing bored of her and he didn’t know why.

Their conversation was overheard by the boys’ girlfriends who were completely upset but Hitomi handled it in a more calming manner to where she just needed some space but Maki broke up with Terrance for good. Hitomi and Daniel eventually managed to work things out in spite of what he’d said and he’d told her that he did want to try and continue to get to know her a little more and that he was sorry for what he’d said. Daniel had been sent offers to attend college at a much earlier age and offers from other prestigious academies similar to Tsukuba Academy but Daniel decided to continue to attend the school he was at because he wanted to continue to fight the good fight with the others. It was then he and the gang discovered that this school was built on top of an unused secret lab but the use of the lab wasn’t found until much later and the reasons behind its existence. In fact, not only do they find out about the reasons for the lab but the actual purpose for the school being built and because of that, they’d began getting targeted by the headmaster in his time after the first couple headmasters had been murdered. The headmaster made it known many a time that he was coming after them all and that the world will be shrouded in everlasting darkness with him ruling over it. He had shown a particular interest in Daniel because of the boy’s Anodite heritage and powers and would often try and coax him to join his side, seeing his talents being wasted fighting on the side of good.

Daniel turned the headmaster down every time and would declare that they will find a way to kill him as he was responsible for the deaths of other students that’d mysteriously disappeared and faculty members that’d been killed and/or disappeared as well. Hitomi had become afraid that she might die after not having experienced new depths of her relationship with Daniel and he told her not to worry and that everything would be fine and that she nor will anyone else die. Sam had been secretly jealous of Daniel’s relationship with Hitomi but kept those thoughts and feelings to herself as her friendship with him was more important than fighting with another girl to be the one to date him. The time came to fight against the headmaster and his minions along with the students of the school gathering together to take him down. In reality, the headmaster had been an incredibly powerful demon that wanted to take the world as his own but failed in doing so when he’d been successfully killed due to being blown up. Once that was over, this had caused the Vice Headmaster to step in and take over in his absence. Daniel managed to survive the battle along with Kai fighting at his side.

That pretty much ended his eighth year. At the start of his ninth year (Kai’s tenth), he actually enjoyed being in a better class environment with classmates that appreciated his intellect and further excelled in his magical abilities. He and Hitomi eventually broke up when he’d caught her cheating on him with another werewolf named Masaya Oto. Daniel really did care for Hitomi and for that he was completely devastated to find her with someone else and because of her infidelity she had decided it would be best for her to leave the school for good, transfer someplace else. He didn’t want her to do that but it was her choice and he didn’t want to fight her on it. But before she could even say try to leave, Masaya had decided that things would be better if Daniel was out of the picture because Hitomi needed to be with someone that understood her and what she was better and believed that someone like him did not fit the bill. Hitomi killed Masaya for trying to kill Daniel and she did finally leave out of fear of endangering him and his friends. Kai tried to comfort his brother but Daniel didn’t want to be bothered, figuring that he wasn’t being sincere and insensitive to how he felt by pretending. Afterward, he figured that putting his energy into the magic club that he’d join would help him take his mind off things but he was disappointed to know that the original members of the club had all graduated (or had been killed in the battle against the former headmaster) as none of the newer members were actually real magic users with the exception of the presence of timid, serious mage in training, Heike Virgil.

They didn’t discover each others magic until an encounter with identical demons that call themselves the ‘Molokis’ that have the power to remove everyone’s voices and trap them inside of a box to keep them from screaming since the sounds of people talking are what kills them but they kill humans for their hearts by surgically removing them with a medical instrument, collect them and eat them for later. The Molokis had begun pursuing Daniel in the boys’ dorm and he’d pounded literally on every door in hopes that someone would answer and be able to help him. He fended them off as best he could on his own by firing mana blasts at them to keep them at bay but it wasn’t enough to kill them and he would never admit to anyone that he’d actually be afraid during the whole ordeal. Heike answer the door to his dorm and having seen the identical demon creatures, both him and Daniel ran in fear and hid in the rec room of the boys’ dorm. They two of them combined their powers together to barricade the door to keep them from getting in. From this, the two had formed a close bond and eventually feel deep in love with one another but they remained discreet about it. Hitomi had returned into the picture with a better control over her wolf-side while hoping that she and Daniel could pick up where they left off in their relationship, thus putting him in a tough position, having to choose between his former long-term girlfriend or the relationship he’d become part of with Heike. After some serious consideration and coming out to his friends about his feelings for Heike, he chose him over Hitomi who left Tsukuba again, still unable to control her condition.

After Hitomi had left, this time for good, Daniel’s powers increased at a dramatic rate along with his relationship with Heike. Though after a while, they started arguing whenever Heike voiced his concerns at how much magic Daniel had been using over the past few months. Shortly after, Heike was ‘brain-sucked’ by the new headmaster, the true mastermind behind all of the incidents happening at Tsukuba academy, which left Heike in a babbling insane state. Enraged and grief-stricken, Daniel ignored his friends’ warnings and attacked the headmaster full force at the faculty dorms on campus but was ultimately defeated but to give credit to Daniel, he did manage to weaken and injure the man significantly. Daniel managed to restore Heike’s mind, weakening the headmaster even more by draining the power he’d sucked from Heike out of him but it wasn’t enough to defeat him but at least Daniel was able to have his lover back to his normal self. Although, Alina was eventually killed by one of the new headmaster’s minions and Daniel and Kai teleported to America to visit her former lover Aiden to inform him that Alina had died. But instead of allowing her to rest in peace, Heike, Daniel, Sam, Terrance, and Kai had agreed to the idea in resurrecting Alina, which is how his magical powers continued to peak increasingly. Sam and Heike had expressed major concerns about the idea as they were opposed to it while Neilson, who’d left after Alina’s death but returned had called him a ‘rank arrogant amateur’ for divulging himself into such deep and consequential magic.

Neilson: "Do you even realize that being an Anodite you’ve channeled far more primal and ferocious magics than you can hope to ever understand?! You’re a stupid child and a rank and arrogant amateur!”
Daniel: “You’re right. The magics I used are powerful and as an Anodite I’m more powerful than a simple witch, mage or wizard could ever hope to be. So maybe it’s not such a good idea for you to piss me off.”
— Neilson scolds Daniel over his growing misuse of magic.

He eventually had developed an addiction to using magic, using it excessively for everything and briefly got into an argument about it with Heike and used magic to erase all memory of the fight from Heike’s mind. If it hadn’t been for a demon revealing that Alina was happier when she was dead than everyone originally believed her to be happy that she was back, Daniel had been ridden with guilt at costing her eternal happiness and thought that by using magic to erase her memories of the happiness she felt when she was dead, she would feel better but this led to another argument with Heike and he asked him to go a week without using magic to prove that he was not dependent on it but he’d gone back on his word and use magic again which backfired and Heike promptly broke up with Daniel. Without Heike, Daniel’s addiction had spun out of control to where he’d managed to transform Amelia (who’d turned herself into a ferret) back into a human and Amelia introduced him to a magic dealer named Tobias.

While drunk off magic, once step closer to accepting his Anodite heritage to where he would relieve himself of him humanity eventually, he tried going to the movies with Sam who wanted to help him get over his loneliness, being the good friend but he’d wanted to stop by Tobias’s place again and he’d taken Sam there and wanted her to wait for him, though she was uncomfortable and skeptical about it and asked Daniel if this is where he’d been going lately. He lied to her saying that it was harmless magic fun and he’ll be done in a few minutes. But those few minutes turned into two hours when he finally emerged, having disregarded Sam’s fears and comfortableness at being in such a shady place. They were attacked by a demon that Daniel unwillingly summoned during his high and the two of them found a car that he’d commandeered using magic to allow them to escape but only for a moment as the two suffered from a car accident. Luckily, Daniel came out of it without any injuries or bruises but Sam had suffered from a broken arm.

He managed to take out the demon himself with Kai, Terrance and Kai arriving shortly afterward due to Heike telling them that something dark had been summoned and it’d involved Daniel. Sam, incredibly pissed off at her Daniel had slapped him out of anger, Alina and Terrance helping her along so she could get to the hospital to get treated. He apologized profusely and was faced with the realization that he needed help. Kai, sympathetic in his own way had punched his brother for what he’d done and told him that he’s become a sorry excuse for an Anodite and he doesn’t understand what is so great about him now that he’s become so low of a person to allow himself to become weak to magic addiction and thought of him to be better than that. Daniel did not retaliate in his brother’s harsh words and agreed with him. He wanted to stop using magic to solve every problem so Kai to him that he had to stop going to Tobias and hanging out with Amelia.

It was hard but Daniel went down a long hard road to recovery and choosing to help his friends to old fashioned way when dealing with whatever problems they had from that point on with good old fashioned research. Like digging deep into Tsukuba Academy’s history a little more and why it seems like every headmaster was always killed off and replaced with a sinister being that is killing and/or using people for its own purposes. The lab underground that they’d discovered during their eighth grade year had once been used as an experimental underground facility where students were kidnapped and experimented on. Didn’t matter if the students were empowered or not. Terrance believed that they could’ve been creating some artificial intelligence but failed and would like to have a closer look once he could get past the underground security which was booby trapped from every angle but it was nothing that he could get past.

Daniel agreed that they did need to research it by going down into it but they needed to be careful if they did, for even if they could get past all the traps, there were probably other hidden traps that had gone undetected. To access this underground lap, there were at least four entrances/escape routes to get in, the most obvious of one being in the library where they hung out quite often. Meanwhile, the headmaster had somehow gotten word of Daniel’s ‘accident’ through a mole spying on them. He became increasingly interested in the boy’s powers and decided to dig the knife in a little bit further in awakening his true potential. Daniel and Heike managed to reconcile their relationship but Heike had ended up being murdered not long after the two had made up. This hit on Heike had been put out through the headmaster which he already knew that but he’d gone after the person who had done the deed, which was the mole student that worked for him. Just an ordinary student with no special powers but dabbled in minor magics to test and basically annoy the hell out of Daniel and his friends with them to see how strong they are.

Unfortunately, a grief-stricken Daniel had absorbed every bit of dark magic from the texts in the library that Neilson had left behind and his hair became white and his eyes had become red. He left his friends, his old self and sense of morality behind to exact vengeance which had spiked tremendously when he used magic to skin the headmaster’s mole alive. He also had gone to Tobias’s shop and sucked the magic and life force out of him even though he had no involvement in Heike’s death along with the mole’s two Skye Ansari and Leo Flores other friends that’d basically been tagging along behind him for the ride and to get women which failed miserably for the both of them. Daniel turned against his friends as well. Leo, being a DC and Marvel universes geek had compared him to Dark Phoenix though later referred to him as Dark Danny.

“Let me tell you something about Danny. He’s a loser and always has been according to his hopeless excuse for a brother who picked on him along with everyone else from junior high up to high school for always playing the ‘good boy’ act just to please everyone. And now … Danny’s an addict. The only thing Danny was ever good for … the only thing going for me were the moments when Heike would just look at me and smile and tell me that I was wonderful. But that … will never happen again.”
— Daniel becomes fueled by grief and magic while confronting his friends in the library.

Alina told Sam and Terrance to get Leo and Skye out of the library and hide them someplace safe even though they didn’t want to because they were partially responsible for this because of their little mole friend named Kuran Grey. Kai stays behind to help Alina out but is immediately bested by his brothers overwhelming strength. The now evil Daniel only wanted to fight against Alina who he’d nearly defeated when he was attacked by Alina’s former watch Neilson who’d returned to Tokyo abruptly with borrowed power from a Wiccan coven in England. Despite Neilson’s own attempts to stop him, Daniel absorbed his power as well, pushing him so far that he was overcome by all the pain that he’d sensed in the world. Kai had done his best to heal Neilson but he told him to go after his brother for he was going to trigger the apocalypse to end it all. He first started with Tsukuba Academy, destroying it along with the underground lab, injuring more than over a thousand students in the process but they along with everyone else had been taken to safety before the entirety of the campus itself caved in on them all.

The headmaster had confronted Daniel, congratulating him on a job well-done and offered for him to join his side but Daniel was not hearing of it and used his powers to attack and kill the man and continued on his quest to end everything. But he had been interrupted again, this time by his brother who out of love refused to leave him alone knowing that he was going to do something more incredibly stupid besides take out an entire school, but regardless of what his brother was doing, he wasn’t leaving until he came to his senses. Daniel attacked Kai for getting in his way but doing so caused his dark powers to become weaker and weaker, this had been partially due to the power he absorbed from Neilson to get in touch with his true emotions and feelings. He broke down over his actions and finally reverted back to his old self while breaking down in tears with his brother embracing him.

With Tsukuba Academy having been destroyed, the students that attended all had to transfer to other schools in Japan, some of them going abroad to America for schooling. As for Daniel, instead of returning to school like everyone else had after the whole ordeal, he stayed home to recover. He spent time with his paternal mother Fai as he’d taken him to the home where he was originally born, being the Valeria Kingdom where he was forced to deal with his actions, his connection to magic and his place in the universe. He’d temporarily become a student at Celestia’s School for Gifted Children, the school in which his cousin Anissa Granville had attended when she was much younger. Under the teachings of some of the best magical beings around, he regained control over his magic but became more hesitant and careful about how much he used while fearing that he would revert back to his ‘darker’ self. He finished out the rest of that year as a ninth year student, being thought the usual academics in regular schools like math, English, science, etc. but magic courses as well. 

He’d become the type of person he’d hated without realizing it through all the things he’d gone through. He also returned to being the annoyed person that disliked it when people misused and abused magic for selfish gain, something the side of him that his friends had definitely missed. They were glad when he’d finally returned from the Valeria Kingdom, Sam being the first one to hug him while also crying about how glad she was to have the old Danny back. Daniel was glad to be back but still not happy with how things had turned out. Because no one had stopped the continuing path of evil that lied within the campus of Tsukuba Academy, many innocent lives had been lost because of unnatural phenomena that cannot be explained with normal logical reasoning. So he decided to take it upon himself to travel back into the past where it all began to stop things before they get out of hand in the future.

Sam and Terrance wanted to go with him but he told them no and that it would be better for them to stay behind and wait for him to return. But he wasn’t going to be traveling alone. Kurogane, being who he was had ordered Kai to go with his brother so that he doesn’t do anything else stupid for which case Daniel tells his father to shut up. Before leaving, he decides that by cutting his powers in half, it would keep him from reverting back to his dark side. The only thing he succeeded in doing is separating his dark side from itself and it’d took on the form of a human being with the same Anodite abilities as its male counterpart but much stronger. This dark being called itself Danielle and was out to kill him so that only one of them shall exist. When he and Kai go to present day Tokyo of 2011-2012 where they meet various students like Judai Yuki, Maxwell Blackwell and the rest of their friends, Danielle secretly tagged along for the ride in which case she’d finally revealed herself and tried to kill Max and Daniel. Kai, being the overbearing idiot that he was tried later to defeat Danielle on his own but was ultimately defeated, causing Daniel to once again face his fears and absorb Danielle back inside of him, that being a blow to Kai’s pride and strength. After a while, Daniel becomes friends with a playful and loveable cat girl named Diana, her being behind his and his brother’s birth but they do not reveal that to her or anyone else.

Daniel becomes close friends with Judai who was thrust into the world of magic thanks to Diana forcing him and Chazz Princeton into a pactio with one another so from that point on, he’d been giving the boy some hopeful advice and books on how to use magic and control it properly because he doesn’t want to see someone as innocent as Judai end up like how he had. It can be hinted that Daniel had some romantic feelings for Judai but never acted upon them. He isn’t half bad looking for a young feminine looking boy as he’s been the target of a few affections from others, mainly girls. In this time, Tsukuba Academy had not been destroyed by him, nor has the current headmasters of the school had been killed, least of all not yet anyway. Both he and Kai enrolled into the school as new students, Daniel being a tenth year student and Kai an eleventh year.

They keep their mission on a very low key basis but as of late his brother has strayed off the course and starting going on a rampage of hating him and Anodites, following behind an annoying young girl named Trixie Diaspro who later became Max’s girlfriend. There have been times where it appear that he would revert back to his darker self, especially whenever enraged to the point that he would completely lost all sense of reason and Hecate would have to power him down before things got out of hand. A year has passed since he and his brother have been at this school and so far nothing serious has risen yet but he knows they will need all the help they can get but unfortunately, he doesn’t have a limit on his brother’s stupidity. Daniel has come to know that he’s done stupid things in his life but not to a point of just plain immaturity with what Kai was doing. Instead of focusing on the insufferable, he keeps his mind focused on the mission at hand with the help from Aphrodite and Hecate who he electrocutes on a regular whenever he’s hugged by one of them and Teivel becomes part of the helpful group as well. Daniel’s now in the eleventh grade with Kai in twelfth, knowing that they don’t have much time to stop the original mastermind behind all the horrible things that’d happened involving the school and the students.


Hitomi AizawaEdit

Daniel first formally met Hitomi at a career fair, showing an interest in her, describing her as funny and cute. Due to this, Alina encouraged him to talk to Hitomi and invited her to Alina's seventh birthday party which she becomes his date. Sometime later, he discovered that Hitomi was a werewolf but despite that, he continued to pursue a relationship with her, showing an understanding and his feelings for her didn't change as he was willing to give their relationship a shot, resulting in their first kiss. Daniel and Hitomi continued to date each other for awhile, developing a close and affectionate relationship. However, he began to fall out of love with her for unexplained reasons and he admitted that he never strayed or looked at others because the very idea of it was inappropriate. Sure she was smart and pretty but unfortunately, he was slowly growing bored of her and he didn’t know why. Hitomi over heard Daniel tell this to his friend Terrance and decided that the two of them needed some space. Hitomi and Daniel eventually managed to work things out in spite of what he’d said and he’d told her that he did want to try and continue to get to know her a little more and that he was sorry for what he’d said. However, their relationship came to an end when he learned of Hitomi's affair with Mayasa Oto, a male werewolf. After Hitomi killed Masaya to save Daniel from him, she left to try and find a way to control her inner lycan. When she returned to months later in hopes of the two of them reconciling, Danile had begun a relationship with Heike. However, he told her that there would always be a part of him that will be with her always.

Heike VirgilEdit

Daniel's first homosexual relationship initially started as a friendship but quickly developed into something more. Daniel met Heike in a Magic Club (that is formed seventeen years later if not earlier before Daniel is born) and began a relationship which eventually became romantic. Many have often stated they were each other's soul mates as people outside of his group of friends would recognize the relationship Daniel had with Heike almost immediately after meeting him whereas his close friends remained oblivious until Daniel came out to them. Heike briefly left Daniel because of his inappropriate use of magic to erase part of Heike's memory but they eventually got back together only for Heike to be killed. Heike's death hit Daniel so bad that he lost all sense of morality and venfully his powers became dark and skinned Heike's murderer alive.

Daichi MisawaEdit

After Daniel's recovery from Heike's death, he at first decided to stay away from the idea of pursing a relationship, especially in the present where he is not yet born as it could cause complications. However, he embarked on a relationship with student Daichi Misawa. Though reluctant at first because he believed that his desire for Daichi would cause him to forget Heike, which he admitted to Daichi but Daichi helped him to move on from Heike's death. The two of them are romantically and intimately involved with one another but eventually Daniel knows that their relationship will have to come to an end when he has to leave and go back to his own time. He doesn't wish to be without Daichi as he had fallen quite deeply in love with him as he's told Daichi many times. He also said to Daichi that he couldn't ask of him to come with him to the future as it would be a selfish request but it is something they will handle together when that time comes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Mana Manipulation & Energy ControlEdit

Daniel is descended from a magical being race known as Anodites from the kingdom of Valeria. These beings have incredible incomprehensible power and ability to manipulate and control life energy more commonly known as Mana. Daniel’s able to freely manipulate and control mana, the supernatural force-like life energy that is present within all living beings and things throughout the universe. It would take someone like him seventy-five years to control his or her powers but similar to Fai, Daniel will not want to reach full Anodite form unlike Danielle who somehow had and was obviously much stronger than him since she never had humanity in the beginning. Whenever Daniel does use his powers, is able to create red platforms, portals, shields, slides, beams, ropes, blasts, telekinesis (he can create a large sphere of nothing but red energy that allows him to send the attacks of his enemies back at them, that also goes for flying objects as well), chains, healing (himself or others), cages, safety nets, dowsing, barriers, bridges, and energy bolts. He also possesses a variety of the same supernatural, magic-related powers as Fai such as telepathy, teleportation (rarely uses it because it drains him quickly), dowsing, clairvoyance, levitation (that’s about the only thing he can do given that he has not matured to being a full Anodite and it doesn’t require much power for him to do so), spell casting, sensing, memory control-and-manipulation, and time travel (through spells). Daniel can trap enemies in electrical spheres of red glowing energy. Now that he’d reabsorbed the power he’d gotten rid of, he is able to do more than usual such as produce much more mana than usual and can cause random outbursts of amazingly strong and powerful red mana explosions. An example of this would be one red eye blast unleashing a wave of red colored mana that destroys whatever it hits, but leaves allies unharmed. His shields are much stronger to be able to withstand greater force. He does not or at least tries not to invoke his powers much deeper because of what'd happened when he'd turned evil. He can and is able to do more than what is listened but unless necessary and ABSOLUTELY necessary, he will not abuse his powers.

Magic & SpellsEdit

Before traveling to the present on an assignment to stop the impending evil that surrounds the school known as ‘Tsukuba Academy’, Daniel displays the abilities of being able to cast magical and mystical spells, reciting spoken incantations, thus enabling him to use various magical powers and abilities. At age ten, Daniel’s spells were often said out loud to activate his powers but as he got older, the majority of his spells are said non-verbally. He doesn’t like using time-traveling spells all that much because they usually end up changing something about the future drastically and avoids doing so unless absolutely necessary and only help to prevent certain dangers that are mentioned to them in their time only. Teleporting is also a non-verbal spell that creates a swirl of mystical red energy surrounding around him or others to be able to escape. The strength and energy required to cast the spell, drains him rather quickly and so he doesn’t teleport regularly. Only when necessary, he does so long as he hasn’t over-exhausted himself. Daniel, like any other magic user, has the ability to form what is known as Probationary Contracts with other people to not only enhance their power but also give their partners powers as well to help them in battle. Though Daniel refuses to make one because of the simple fact that he is from another time, therefore is not born yet. But he does have the ability to summon up the magic circle that is required to form a pactio and doesn’t mine doing so for others who wish to enter one with someone of their choosing. Daniel now picks and chooses which spells are best to uses that are not entirely dangerous. Majority of his spells are non-verbal anyway but he has been occasionally know to cast a verbal spell.


When intangible, Daniel becomes untouchable, allowing him to pass through most objects as if the objects weren't there (and he mostly sinks underneath or comes out from the ground to surprise his enemies when they least expect it). He can also make other people and objects intangible when in physical contact with them.

Demonic TransfusionEdit

Daniel is able to use and manipulate demonic power to his will without the power itself burning him up inside whenever Hecate halves her powers and give it to him to use which makes his own abilities incredibly stronger than they already are. He is bestowed with the power of more strength, speed, agility and has been able to summon at least one gate of hell even though those down there don’t like it when he does that.

Athletics & Martial ArtsEdit

Daniel has shown to be quite a capable martial artist and a very agile fighter. Both he and Kai learned under their father Kurogane. He took what he learned, being proficient in hand-to-hand combat in fights whether they are magical or non-magical related. Turns out that Daniel can also synchronize his martial arts styles with his mana manipulating abilities. An example of this is Daniel being able to create a whip of mana energy and using it as a plain weapon along with his fighting skills. So he is physically strong enough to lift his brother up and back flip him with ease whenever he’s enraged due to the fact that Kai has either got on his nerves, done or say something stupid that may cause their cover to be blown or others getting killed. Though quite skilled in this area, Kai has proven to be much better than Daniel a lot of the time. But when he stopped relying so much on magic to be able to fight, Daniel’s skill level became the exact same as Kai’s. So they’re equal in strength, skill, and speed. Yes, it comes as no surprise that Daniel can out run his brother without getting tired quickly. The one thing that Kai is good at that Daniel isn’t is using swords.

Daniel GalleryEdit

  • Danielle Nagisa - Evil Female Counterpart
  • Danielle Nagisa's Anodite form
  • Daniel between the ages of ninteen and twenty.


  • The major part of Daniel's character design was based off of Willow Rosenberg from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. The other half his design is a mixture between the Danny Phantom and Ben 10 series'.
  • Daniel displays a similar fear of his grandmother that Ren Maaka does from the Chibi Vampire series.
  • Daniel doesn't like to be touched inappropriately by others. However, it is different if he is involved in a relationship.
  • Daniel displays the same fear in using his powers that Willow did after she'd turned evil. This same fear is also present in Ume Nagase as well. However, Daniel is slowly getting over this fear as he has Daichi Misawa to help him through realizing that his powers can be used for the greater good.
  • Both Daniel and Willow managed to enter into a relationship after being able to grieve over the deaths of the ones they loved so dearly. However, Willow broke off her relationship with Kennedy after realizing that she was only interested in her because she was into magic. This is not the case with Daniel and Daichi. The both of them actually share similar things in common and even if Daniel wasn't an Anodite and didn't have powers, there is a good chance that Daichi would still care for him.
  • Daniel has been unaware of the fact that his friend Samantha Manade had feelings for him but never told him.
  • Daniel's rivalry with his brother in regards to their powers could be similar to Gwen Tennyson and Charmcaster from the Ben 10 series. This rivalry is also displayed with characters Anissa Granville and Trixie Diaspro.
  • Daniel is aware that he and Anissa Granville are cousins, however, they've chosen not to say anything to the others about it and play it off as if they're once in awhile acquaintances.
  • Since being in a relationship with Daichi, Daniel has actually become more flirtatious and forward, a side of him that he only displays around Daichi and no one else.
  • There is an obvious hint that he had a crush on Judai Yuki but never acted on it and preferred to stay good friends with him.
  • Daniel believes that Max somehow attracts certain people around him that causes his life to be turned upside down. First it was Trixie who often kept attacking him and the others but he is unaware if anything were to happen since Albedo has come into Max's life.
  • Daniel displays no interest in having a threesome with Daichi's younger sister Maho.

Also SeeEdit

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