Chibiusa Tsukino
"I'm Tsukino Usagi. Everyone calls me Chibi-Usa." - Manga 8, Act 26


Little Bunny, Small Lady, Black Lady (formerly), Princess Lady Serenity, Usagi Small Lady Serenity


Japanese American




June 30th, 2020 (Possible Birth Year)




T-A Private Girls Academy Eleventh Grade
Art Club Member
Disciplinary Club Member


Works at the Julianne’s Arts & Crafts Store as a part-time cashier
Sailor Senshi – Sailor Chibi Moon


Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Chibi-Usa as a little girl had always been good at getting what she wants, whenever she wanted it while also maintaining a cute childlike nature around everyone, except Usagi. Now as a teenager, she has matured as well as grown from the bratty little six year old to a young girl who respects everyone, her future mother included. She’s an amazing artists for she’s always drawing something new everyday whether it’s nature or the people around her that she meets that all goes into her picture diary, a drawing booklet of her friends and family. Like Usagi, she enjoys shopping but doesn’t buy a lot of useless things that she doesn’t need. Instead, she shops responsibly for art & school supplies as well as any personal items and products than she’s run out of. Occasionally, she will eat sweets but it is not all the time and not constantly pigging out to the point she gets a stomachache.

Although she does like magic tricks, Chibi-Usa doesn’t use Luna P to turn into objects to play mean tricks on her mother but to entertain her when bored or to entertain others. She’s also proud of the fact at how far she’s come along since the last time she fought with the other Senshi, being one step closer to becoming a true lady, something she’s always dreamed about. Surprisingly, she is very smart, smarter than Usagi because she actually studies and does her schoolwork and not slack off and be lazy. In the beginning, Chibi-Usa only appeared to be a mature little girl whenever she wasn’t around Usagi and had a tendency to try and get people to do things for her by putting on that cute and innocent look. When in reality, she was quite immature. That was due to the fact that she was just too much like her mother than she would like to admit, the two of them sharing a lot of similarities but in different ways. While she is a teenager, she still can be a bit childish at times, won’t hesitate for a second to make Usagi jealous when it comes to hanging out with her friends and they enjoy her company better than they do Usagi’s. 

This was due to her parents having babied her so much in the future to the point that she’d gotten used to having her way anytime she cried or begged. However, she is only this way around Usagi and no one else. When it came to Mamoru who was supposedly her future father at the time (but not anymore thanks to Usagi breaking off the relationship) she had a habit of competing for his affections. However, for the few years she was with the Sailor Senshi to train and get to know her mother, she displayed symptoms of an Electra complex which is basically as stated above, a girl’s psychosexual competition with her mother for possession of her father. Thankfully, this has stopped, even if Mamoru is no longer destined to be her father. Another thing that should be known is that she is afraid of thunderstorms. She has a tendency to hide some place while covering her ears crying to tune out the sounds. She is also afraid of needles, never liking the idea of having to go to the doctor as they always poke and prod her with needles. She may not never get over her, what are considered to be normal fears, she still has a lot of growing up to do.


Chibi-Usa has grown within the last four years of being back in the future, now at the height of 5’2" with long blonde (hair and eye color change once Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship was no more), that is always up in odangos shaped rabbit ears. She has blue eyes, almost always seen wearing a school uniform and walking around with Luna P under her arms or following behind her. It is rare that she wears her hair down unless she’s going to bed. Originally, her hair was pink and her eyes were red but because of the uproar involving the Sailor Senshi over the years and the misfortunes and troubles they went through, this changed. As for her attire, she has gone from wearing the little girl school uniform to growing accustomed to wear more feminine clothes for her age like spaghetti strap shirts with skirts, shorts, jeans or capris. She wears knee stocking in different colors, usually with platform shoes. She also wears tennis shoes or sandals, depending on the occasion. She doesn’t carry Luna P everywhere with her anymore, keeping it home instead. As Princess Sailor Chibi Moon Chibi-Usa’s hair becomes even longer when transformed to where it’s down to her legs. Her choker is V-shaped with a gold crescent moon dangling from it. The gloves on her arms are sheer and pink, going all the way up past her forearms. Her tiara is replaced with a golden crescent moon on her forehead. Her outfit itself is separated into two parts: the first being a pink ruffled V-neck top with that opens up around her stomach, showing her midriff and the second being a three layer ruffled skirt, each ruffle being of three different colors, the first being white, followed by pink and then dark pink. She no longer wears boots on her feet and is instead completely barefoot and pink coils wrap themselves around her legs. Her wings are silver colored with crescent moons decorated on them.


Many years ago in 30th century Crystal Tokyo, a parallel world that exists in its own world alongside the place known as Earth, was a place known as the Moon Kingdom. The Queen of that time, Usagi who had long ascended the throne after her mother Queen Serenity, ruled as her mother once had. She even had an heir of her own, one that would take the throne when it came time for her to step down, a daughter that she’d named Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, named after both herself and the child’s grandmother. However, everyone always called her Small Lady, showing his or her respect to the child. The child lived a joyous and spoiled lifestyle within the crystal palace with her parents and the Sailor Senshi. One day, while wandering around the palace grounds, stumbling upon the Prayer Room, which was also where the kingdom’s teleportation device was located, allowing the Queen or the Senshi to travel to each other’s respective planetary kingdoms. Small Lady vaguely remembered her parents telling her not to go in that room at all unless somewhat was with her, but given the fact that she was a curious as she saw nothing bad about the room, she step inside and ended up being teleported to a place of void … In this void, it was both light and dark which scared the poor girl out of her wits. It was then she’d stumbled upon what was known as the “Time Space Door” where she’d met the guardian of the door, Setsuna Meiou, also known as Sailor Pluto, the Senshi of Time.

Setsuna comforted the scared child, telling her that there was nothing to be afraid of, however, this was not a place for someone so small. Yet miraculously the two of them became friends. Setsuna just warned Small Lady that if she were to travel there again, her mother needed to at least know. And boy was her mother angry with her daughter for disobeying her orders after being told not to go to the Prayer Room. Small Lady apologized for going into the room but told her that she’d met another Sailor Senshi named Setsuna, how nice she seemed and that she wanted to go back and visit the woman because she looked so lonely. Queen Usagi felt better knowing that her most trusted advisor was with her daughter and reluctantly agreed to let the child visit Setsuna everyday so long as she finished her training and studies. So she did and went to see Setsuna where the woman told her of her job as the Guardian of Time and how she had to protect the door at all times, therefore unable to leave her post unless given permission to do so by the Queen. She even presented her with a gift, a little magic ball shaped like Guardian Cat Luna called Luna P. With Luna P, all she had to do was say “Abracadabra!” anytime she felt sad and Luna P was able to perform entertaining little magic tricks as well as turn into objects. Small Lady enjoyed her gift and promised Setsuna that she would take care of it always. Much later, Luna had had a daughter that she’d named Diana, becoming Small Lady’s cat and her second friend. It all seemed too good to be true, everything being as right as rain, that is, until the Black Moon Clan showed up.


This unforgettable event left Small Lady with deep emotional scars. Members of the Black Moon Clan had encased her mother in a large crystal; they attacked the city and its people. Being a young child, she didn’t understand what was going on, but knew that she was afraid for not only herself but also her mother because she was the reason they were attack. They wanted HER and her power. And since they couldn’t get it, or rather, Queen Usagi would not give it to them; they trapped her in a crystal for eternity. Immediately, Small Lady ran to the Prayer Room and teleported to Setsuna who was still guarding the time space door. It was then she told the child about the Sailor Moon of the past and that she would be safe with her. So, Setsuna gave Small Lady one of her time keeps and the child went through the door, heading to the past where she would meet Usagi Tsukino, the current Sailor Moon in that time. Unfortunately, since Small Lady had never traveled through time before, the way she came to the past was by falling down out of the sky and falling on poor Usagi Tsukino’s head while she was in the middle of almost kissing her boyfriend Mamoru Chiba but instead, Small Lady ended up kissing him. Thus, the Daddy Complex began or Electra complex for of a more specific term. But for the time being, she was on a mission to claim the Silver Crystal from this time period to save her mother, to where she demanded both parties to give it to her.

They did not, of course, more or less wondering just who exactly this child is so Mamoru offered to the child to sleep at his place. Finding him to be a very handsome man, she agreed to it but she didn’t take a liking to Usagi at all. Mamoru asked Small Lady what was her name and she told him her entire full name and because of that, her name was shorten to where she would from now on be called “Chibi-Usa”. It was Mamoru’s idea and the child liked her new name. Usagi didn’t like the idea that Chibi-Usa shared the same name and wondered just who this child was and where did she come from. For awhile, Chibi-Usa liked the idea of living in the past, currently being the 20th century to where she felt she could find some peace and maybe some help to save her mother in the future. Unfortunately, her peace did not last for very long because the Black Moon Clan found out where she was and started to attack in the 20th century looking for the child as well as Sailor Moon along with her Guardian Senshi. To Chibi-Usa’s surprise, the Guardian Senshi were alive but their fates were different back in the future where she had come from. It was too much for her. It was like a repeat of what happened back in the future and she knew she could no longer hide the truth from any of them. At first, she didn’t want to tell Usagi anything but caved in out of fear that she and the others would be killed because of her. So she told them where she was from, which led to a trip to the future with Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask going with her. Upon her return back to the future Chibi-Usa was looking at the damage the Black Moon Clan had done. 

The destroyed the city, it being practically in ruins. All she could think about doing is crying at how much her beloved home was no more. But she cheered up when she saw her Guardian Cat Diana once again who had returned back to the future as well, for she was on a mission of her own. She was also happy when she saw the spirit of her father, King Endymion and explained to the three that had traveled with his daughter to this time about the future and that Usagi was her daughter and Mamoru would be her father. Usagi and Mamoru were surprised, not to mention embarrassed because the two of them had never thought about having children together even if they do fight alongside one another. After their meeting with the King, they had returned back to the past. All except Chibi-Usa who was unable to go back with them because she’d dropped her time key that Setsuna had given her. And she didn’t even realize this as she was heading to the Time-Space Door. Unwillingly, she fell into the being known as Wiseman’s trap, used his powers on her to brainwash her and transform her into Black Lady. The Sailor Senshi didn’t find out what happened to Chibi-Usa until later when she began attacking them. The only way the child was able to break free of the evil control and dark power Wiseman had over her is when Setsuna used her powers as Sailor Pluto to stop time and in the process, lost her life because of it. Setsuna’s death was the cause behind Chibi-Usa turning back to her normal self.

Unfortunately, she was unable to help her new friends to defeat Wiseman who revealed itself as the planet Nemesis. And because of her desperate plea to want to save them and the world, her Sailor Senshi powers were awakened, giving her the Senshi form, “Sailor Chibi Moon”. Not only that, but Usagi’s princess form as Neo Queen Serenity had awakened and with Chibi-Usa’s help, the two of them succeeded in defeating Wiseman and peace was finally restored both for the past and the future. Once the fight against the Black Moon Clan was over, Usagi and the others had believed Chibi-Usa would return to her parents in the future and never return, however, her mother had decided it would be better for the child to stay within the past for the time being to make friends and become a great Sailor Senshi someday. Although the idea sounded nice, there still left the decision to whether or not Usagi would continue to stay with Mamoru and become her parents in the future. The jury was still out on that. While they seemed in love, the child had an uneasy feeling that it would not last. Of course, she never really saw this Usagi as mother material anyway. She was too lazy, stupid, unaccomplished … nothing like her mother in the future. So instead of calling her ‘mama’, she called Usagi’s mother, Diane Tsukino, ‘mama’ instead even though this woman would be her future grandmother. Plus, the woman knew about her two twin daughters Usagi and her Aunt Jasmine being Sailor Senshi anyway as well as she used to be one when she was a teenager. 

It’d saved the time in having to hypnotize everyone into believing something else otherwise. She liked having such a large family but living with them was no picnic. No one had any privacy, there was always bickering between Usagi and Jasmine, Usagi, Jasmine and Adachi or all three of them screaming at Shingo to stop doing something stupid. While she stayed in the past, she was required to attend school so she was enrolled into Tsukuba Academy along with Shingo despite Diane’s best efforts to practically work herself to death just to make ends meet to pay for the tuition at that school and the high school that her two eldest children attended. Unlike Shingo who was actually intelligent enough to skip a couple of grades but pretended to be stupid on purpose, Chibi-Usa was not as smart. She was placed within her grade level based on the scores she’d made on the entrance exam. She’d pleaded with Diane to allow her to live on campus because she couldn’t take living in such a cramped space but she didn’t want to say that without hurting the woman’s feelings, she was denied. Diane had said no and didn’t think it would be safe for the child to live on the campus grounds, especially since her mother in the future placed her into her care. Chibi-Usa didn’t think it was a big deal but decided not to argue with the woman. She went to school not knowing anyone but Shingo, finding it hard to make friends of her own, for she was a bit intimidated by the fact that a lot of the students there were a hell of a lot smarter than her and figured none of them would want to waste time with such an ignorant child.

And then one day, on the way home, she took a shortcut home by walking through the Tokyo Central Park, her hat was blown off of her head due to a force of strong wind to which she proceeded to run after it. It’d landed next to a raven haired girl named Hotaru Tomoe, who at first appeared to bit nervous not to mention frail. Chibi-Usa was a tad uneasy around the girl for a little while because Hotaru had a tendency to have seizures that happened at random, making her constantly sick. But she was assured not to worry and Chibi-Usa’s uneasiness began to dissipate soon after. At the same time, came new Sailor Senshi that presented themselves to the others but they fought on their own terms. Later they were revealed to be Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune whose identities were Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou. When Pluto was reborn, she’d kept herself in the shadows, watching, mostly seeing how Chibi-Usa was fairing on her own. Not too long after that, she’d informed Haruka and Michiru that they were the carriers of the talismans that the Death Busters were after and that they would awaken the Messiah of Silence, Sailor Saturn. For a while, they didn’t know who exactly the Messiah of Silence was until it was discovered that it was in fact Hotaru. Knowing this fact, Haruka and Michiru, sometimes Setsuna, made an attempt to killer her before she could unless the power to destroy the world. But with the Inner Senshi always interfering, such a task was next to impossible to achieve. And Chibi-Usa pleaded to the Outer Senshi not to kill her friend. And no amount of tears would do anything to get them to change their minds and so, along with the other Senshi, she decided to help fight to save Hotaru’s life, becoming much closer to the raven haired girl.

Unfortunately, it’d become too late to do anything because the evil spirit inside of Hotaru’s body began to take over and turn into Mistress 9. She took over the girl’s body completely and sucked out Chibi-Usa’s Pure Heart Crystal to be able to take complete form. This action had caused the child to stop breathing and lose consciousness. Chibi-Usa awakened again in the middle of the battle thanks to Hotaru’s spirit guiding her back inside of her body. She joined the other Senshi in the fight against Pharaoh 90. Sailor Moon had finally defeated Pharaoh 90 and the Death Busters with the help of the other Senshi, preventing the world from being destroyed by Sailor Saturn who had been reborn into a baby. As for Chibi-Usa, her Sailor Fuku had gotten an upgrade and she was now Super Sailor Chibi Moon. So once again, peace had been restored to the city of Tokyo. All was well for everyone except Chibi-Usa who was to return back to the future. It was a tough decision because she’d wanted to stay in the past, having gotten used to it and everyone else. At the same time, she missed her home in the future and her mother. The Usagi and the others had thrown her a going away party, showing just how much they were going to miss the child being around. The party had made her decision more difficult. Despite the differences she had with Usagi, she still cared about her and didn’t want to leave her side. But she did return to the future, only for a brief moment and then came back as a request from her mother that she was allowed to stay and try not to get on Usagi’s nerves too much. At the same time, she’d come back sporting blonde hair and blue eyes. It was new and something to get used to.

But this was only due to the fact that there was an off chance that Usagi and Mamoru would not stay together. But Chibi-Usa had hoped for this, despite competing for his affections to annoy Usagi. Sometime after that, Chibi-Usa began to dream of a white horse named Pegasus calling for help. She immediately agreed to help this majestic creature that warned her of a new enemy coming known as the Dead Moon Circus. Pegasus began to tell her everything about Elysian, the land of dreams and the danger it was in. Chibi-Usa vowed that she would do everything within her power to help Pegasus and Elysian. This new enemy wasn’t easy to fight, the battle against them was hard even, harder than the previous ones but with the help of Pegasus who was really Helios, the Senshi won this fight. And during that battle, Chibi-Usa had fought alongside an older Hotaru (who had grown up fast from a baby) against the Amazoness Quartet but it was revealed that they're actually Sailor Senshi who would be guarding Chibi-Usa in the near future. Once the fight against the Dead Moon Circus was finally over, Chibi-Usa returned home while also promising that maybe someday she'll return again. Now five years later, Chibi-Usa has decided to return to Earth still in search of who her father since in the future, Usagi isn't married to anyone, becoming a single mother. She's been attending T-A Private Girls Academy since her return as well as living at the Hinata Girls Dorm just like Usagi.


Usagi TsukinoEdit

Chibiusa always had a hard time accepting the fact that Usagi was her future mother, even before she came to realize that her and Mamoru would be her parents. It was then that she often did things to make Usagi seem like the bad person and she was just a sweet and innocent little girl. Oftentimes, she'd compete with Usagi for Mamoru's affections and attention only to make her jealous. She did the same thing with Usagi's friends who enjoyed to have Chibiusa around and found her to be a little less of a handful than Usagi. Despite the two of them having argued a lot over the years, they really do care for one another. At first Chibiusa was a tad upset that Usagi had broken off of her relationship with Mamoru which would cause her to not be born but as it turns out, there's still a chance for her to be born but with a different father. So long as Usagi doesn't screw it up. She doesn't address her as 'mama' just by her name and even though she's back from the future as a teenager, she still does view Usagi as an irresponsible young adult despite having a job and going to college.

Mamoru ChibaEdit

Chibiusa displayed signs of having a father complex when it came to Mamoru and would always compete for his affections with Usagi. There have been a couple of occasions where she has kissed him but it becomes apparent that Mamoru doesn't feel that way for Chibiusa and only loves her like a father should love his daughter. It bothered her that no matter what she tried to do, he was still in love with Usagi but respected their relationship. She was sad that he and Usagi weren't together anymore and she no longer has any feelings for him in a romantic way. Whether this is a sign of her growing up or signs of someone else being her father has yet to become unclear, however, she will always remember Mamoru as a kind and mature man that was too good for Usagi.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Chibi Moon Prism Power, Make Up - Used the Prism Heart Compact to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon.
  • Moon Crisis, Make Up - Used the Chibi Moon Compact to transform into Super Sailor Chibi Moon, along with Usagi, who transformed into Super Sailor Moon.
  • Princess Chibi Moon, Make Up! - Used the Pink Heart Gem Broach to transform into Princess Sailor Chibi Moon.


  • Sailor Chibi Moon - She had a heart-shaped insignia on her choker and also had her transformation brooch in the center of her front bow. Her dominant color was pink (collar, skirt, boots, gloves, and choker) and her accent color was red (bows). Her boots were knee-high pink with a white border at the triangular top. The gem in her tiara was red. Her collar had two white stripes. Her earrings were simple pink studs. She wore two white-bordered red circular accents on her odango, with pointed white fittings resembling a rabbit's ears. She gained two wing-like barrettes in her hair when Sailor Moon obtained the Holy Grail. Sailor Chibi Moon's shoulder and elbow pads were unique, in that they only had two bars instead of three.
  • Super Sailor Chibi Moon - Her fuku almost completely changed, in many of the same aspects as those of Sailor Moon. She was then known as Super Sailor Chibi Moon. She still wore her barrettes. Her choker became yellow with a red heart. The stripes on her collar were yellow. Her shoulder pads were translucent and shaped more wing-like. The back waist bow was long, white, and billowy. She gained crescent moon insignias on her boots. The top of her skirt was adorned with a yellow belt and duplicate heart-shaped brooch, and the most obvious change by far was that her skirt was no longer pink, but was instead white with a yellow and pink border at the bottom.
  • Princess Sailor Chibi Moon - As Princess Sailor Chibi Moon Chibi-Usa’s hair becomes even longer when transformed to where it’s down to her legs. Her choker is V-shaped with a gold crescent moon dangling from it. The gloves on her arms are sheer and pink, going all the way up past her forearms. Her tiara is replaced with a golden crescent moon on her forehead. Her outfit itself is separated into two parts: the first being a pink ruffled V-neck top with that opens up around her stomach, showing her midriff and the second being a three layer ruffled skirt, each ruffle being of three different colors, the first being white, followed by pink and then dark pink. She no longer wears boots on her feet and is instead completely barefoot and pink coils wrap themselves around her legs. Her wings are silver colored with crescent moons decorated on them.


  • Luna P – This is a device that looks like a balloon version of Luna that Chibi-Usa carried around with her all the time. It appears to have self-awareness and follows her wherever she goes and defends her whenever she gets into trouble. When given the vocal command “Abracadabra”, it would transform into whatever objects that would be of some aid to her. An example of such objects would be a parasol or a sleeping potion. It lets her communicate with the Sailor Senshi as well.
  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack - Sailor Chibi Moon used the Pink Moon Stick to send pink hearts at an enemy. This was a relatively weak attack that was often more annoying to the enemy than it was painful.
  • Twinkle Yell - Super Sailor Chibi Moon used the Crystal Carillon to call forth Pegasus.
  • Double Sailor Moon Kick - Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon used this physical attack together.
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation - Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon attacked together with their Kaleidomoon Scopes.
  • Supersonic Waves - Sailor Chibi Moon began to cry, which made her red odango covers emit supersonic waves which injured the enemy.
  • Time Space Key - This is the key that Setsuna Meiou gave to Chibi-Usa when sending her to the past eight years ago. She used it for traveling back and forth through time. It took a few tries for her to finally learn how to use the key properly, so each time she tried; it would have strange effects on Earth (i.e. gravity loss). Over time, she has learned to use the key properly and when she wants to, can travel through time without any trouble or strange side effects. So long as she doesn’t change anything she shouldn’t in the specific times she chooses to travel to.
  • Pink Moon Bow & Arrow – The evolved form of Chibi-Usa’s old Pink Moon Stick that had been upgraded into a purple and white bow and arrow with jewel colors of each Sailor Senshi embedded into it. It is used to perform an upgraded version of her “Pink Sugar Heart Attack” which is now called “Heartache Blast”.
  • Heartache Blast – This attack is an upgraded version of Chibi-Usa’s old “Pink Sugar Heart Attack” where she uses a bow and arrow instead of her old Pink Moon Stick. To perform this attack, she summons her bow and arrow at will by just simply holding out either one of her hands to make it appear, takes the weapon in her hands, pulls back the arrow and fires, the arrow turning into light pink energy fired at her enemy to blast them away (Youmas specifically). For anyone else, this attack would be strong enough to either knock them off their feet or knock them far back. It is more powerful and effective than her old attack. She can also shoot from a range of fifty feet so long as nothing is blocking her line of sight. The only drawback to this attack however, is it requires half of her energy to use it, limiting her to only being able to use it a number of two times depending on the output of energy during the first attack. But she makes up for this with her other abilities and newly acquired fighting skills
  • Wind Shield – To perform this defensive attack, this requires Chibi-Usa to use her wings, flapping them once to create a strong wind about the size of a sphere around herself (or others), that is able to block even the strongest attacks to protect herself from getting hurt. It requires full concentration to be able to keep it up and should that be broken, the shield is automatically broken. And that won’t be easy to do.
  • Wind Slap – By flapping one wing at a time, she can send large waves of wind at her enemies that usually ends up with the wind being knocked out of them, unable to breathe for about ten seconds to which then they’re swept off their feet, flying in the air and thrown some place in the vicinity.
  • Fighting Skills – Chibi-Usa, under Setsuna in the present and by close friends and family from her time, she has been taught how to be able to defend herself better on her own without having to rely on her powers all the time. She has gotten quite good at punching and kicking, kick jumps and a new move she created all on her own solely based on creativity where she does a headstand on a person’s shoulders and uses her bodyweight and strength to be able to flip them onto her back with no problems. She’s actually been itching to use what she learned on some real enemies instead of sparring partners.
  • Retractable Wings - Thanks to the evolution of her powers giving her transparent like wings with her fuku each time she transforms, she like all Senshi have been gifted with the ability to retract her wings at will by simply thinking about it and they disappear and call upon them when she needs them. Such an ability helps whenever Sailor Chibi Moon needs to fight on ground level and has been training to fight with and without her wings.
  • Senshi Dust - The power in the dust of Sailor Senshi wings is gained when one evolves into their final forms. The power itself takes the form of fairy dust can use to lift any dark power, curse or spell from another person. Other things this can be used for is returning a person's memories that have been lost to them, heal wounds so long as they aren't too severe and only heal certain types of disabilities such as: blindness, being unable to walk, and anything that isn't life threatening. However, not all Sailor Senshi that evolve are permitted to use their Senshi Dust without proper permission and reason. Chibi-Usa is not one of them, therefore she is exempt from punishment.

Chibiusa GalleryEdit

  • Princess Sailor Chibi Moon


  • Chibiusa now has blonde hair and eyes to mimick her real future mother's look, Usagi Tsukino. This is due to the fact that Mamoru Chiba and Usagi Tsukino are no longer together, therefore her entire outlook changed but it is heavily hinted that she will still be born.
  • Although Chibiusa was popular among young Japanese fans, there was notable dislike of the character within the Western fandom.
  • Chibiusa's odango gave an impression of a rabbit's ears. This, together with her red eyes, pink hair, and pink sailor fuku, made her look like a pink rabbit. Now that her hair is blonde, she is like a mixture of a pink and yellow bunny.
  • Chibiusa's best subject in school was art.
  • Chibiusa was shown to have a fear of thunderstorms and needles.
  • Chibiusa pretends to be rather 'cold' toward Usagi but in truth, Chibiusa loves her more than anyone.
  • Chibiusa never refers to Usagi as her mother, she does not see her as a mother, just a "sister".
  • Chibiusa is the only one other than Setsuna that has the present knowledge of who Chibiusa's real father is.
  • Chibiusa is the only senshi which is short, but she has the same power as Sailor Moon.
  • Chibiusa's blood type is B,which shows that she could be irritable but friendly and optimistic.

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