Cbox Rules:

1. No arguments and/or fights in the cbox. If you want to argue with someone take it inside the vent board in a thread.

2. Do not spam the cbox with repeating the same thing over and over again or posting the link to your site. We don't need members going of yelling and what not for you spamming so if you wish for members to see your site post it in the advertisement sub board in the Hinata Sou Lounge.

3. You can post links to images in the cbox but no naked pictures of women and/or men. Meaning no X rated images from porn sites. No one wants to have their eyes burnt out of their head.

4. Um I'm not one for profane words but if you must please keep it to a minium to where it doesn't offend others and they complain about it.

5. If you have a problem, speak to an admin or mod. Let them resolve the issue if you can't.

6. Yelling is not allowed in the cbox. If there is a fight and/or problem please tell staff instead of yelling at each other like children. If you can't handle things like mature young adults then staff will take the situation from there into their own hands.

7. Randomness is allowed in the cbox but not to a point where members start to get offended by what you say and/or do. There's a difference between being silly and just being a downright idiot. Everyone is allowed to do Cbox RPs in the cbox if you want to. You don't have to do that. But be knowledgeable and aware that if you do come into the cbox and some people are RPing, use parenthesis around your talking posts. NO rping graphic and obscene sex and/or anything whatsoever in the cbox where people can read it. Put all that effort into a thread and not in public.

8. It would be nice for you all to leave your personal problems out of the cbox but if you feel as if you need to talk to us we're here to help but try not to say that nothings wrong when we all know and sense that something is wrong. Talk to us okay? ^^

9. No talking of recent problems and/or things that happened at other forums you were at. This is not that person's forum, this is different from theirs. No talking about people behind their backs either. I'm not one person that likes stuff like that because not only is it hurtful but you wouldn't want someone to say mean things about you. =D Be happy and forgive and forget because not everyone stays the same person they once acted like. They do change.

10. When you post in the c-box, it is required that you use proper English. This means your conversational sentences must begin with a capital letter, have good punctuation, and proper spelling.

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