There are many popular beaches around the country of Japan in every city imaginable. Some have the most beautiful of ocean views and also the best eatery areas. The lakes are no different except more secluded and private for when you want to have those special moments when friends and/or lovers.

Frutti Music BarEdit

The Frutti Music Bar Family owned local juice and music bar ran by city residents who are father and daughter located on the outside of the Amaterasu Plaza in close vicinity of the beach. This is the primary hangout for teenagers and young adults due to the offered stage where local bands are allowed to play and entertain the customers. Juices of all kinds are served here and requests for specific drinks are more than welcome.

Beach Cafe Hinata Edit

A seaside cafe located in Hiroshima and linked with the Hinata Houses. This cafe also serves up a range of hot meals and made to order sandwiches. Sweet treats, coffee, tea and other such snacks are served. This seaside cafe is run by the residents of the Hinata Dorms.

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