Ashley Jennifer Reed
Ashley reed1


"Ash", "AJ" (Nicknames used by friends)




Unknown, presumed Heterosexual or Bisexual


September 17th, 1995




Tsukuba Academy 10th Grade


Tokyo, Japan



Ashley routinely finds herself at or near the top of the class wherever she goes to school. This has been becaue she has been going to very academically gifted schools since she was school age. One of the few things she's ever known is studying and schoolwork and that has lent itself to good grades. She doesn't necessarily like doing her schoolwork or even focus on it that much, but when she does sit down and do it, it is some of the best work in the class as she can work on it in a dedicated fashion due to years of it being the only thing she could do to pass the time.

In a way to fuel her need for people to pay attention to her and an attempt to socialize, she started working out to be a part of school athletics. Her best sports are basketball and soccer, where she plays point guard and forward respectively. Her athletic ability largely comes from her speed and endurance, where she is quite good at running. Able to outrun and out maneuver most opponents, she isn't perfect, though, as her small stature leads her to getting pushed aound if things get to physical. However, she is quite willing to start fights if she gets knocked around too much. This has led to a few athletic suspensions in the past, though.

Ashley has been rather alone for years. While she had friends at the various schools, constantly being moved around and not spending much time with her father has led to no one really forming a long-lasting connection with anyone. This has led to her being a tad needy when it comes to people paying attention to her. She has little trouble making friends, but if she feels she is being neglected, she is prone to doing or saying something outrageou to get people's eyes on her to keep her being the center of attention. She doesn't like hurting people, but she'd rather do that than be alone.

While Ashley doesn't lose her temper too often, sports aside, she does have a bad habit of completely losing it when things get violent. Even though she is quite small, she has an amazing ability to take on people much larger than her in relatively even fights. She tries to keep her temper under control, but when she is provoked or people make fun of or try to hurt the few people who do try to be her friends, she is the first person to throw a punch at the offending party. This has lead to several disciplinary actions in the schools she's been at and has hurt her overall reputation among the teachers despite her grades, she doesn't consider herself to have a real anger problem.


Ashley Jennifer Reed is the second daughter of US Agent Paul Reed. Ashley never met her mother Jennifer, as she died while giving birth to her daughter. Paul tried to care for her as best as he could while Ashley was a baby, but she was largely cared for by sitters as he spent long stretches of time away from home and his daughter. The early memories Ash has of her father are sparse, but not bad. She knows her father did her best to spoil her and give the most attention he could to his baby girl. However, when Ashley finally reached schooling age, Paul sent Ashley out to boarding school to protect her from any attacks he might come under personally. She didn't understand why her father was sending her off at the time and thought her father didn't love her anymore. Her first few years of schooling were lonely and she didn't spend much time around other students. Most of her time was focused on her studies, making her an example student as she was a very gifted student. These habits of studying hard still make her a good student today, though she isn't as dedicated to her studies as she once was.

Around the time she entered fourth grade, her father shifted her to a school relatively close to his home at the time in New Mexico. She finally got to sit down with her father for the first time in years and asked why he did what he did to her. When she heard from him that she needed to be protected from her father's dangerous life and nothing more, she was a bit untrusting because of the vaguery, but she accepted it and isn't as mad at her father as she thinks she should be. She occasionally got visits from her and was quite good at tugging on Paul's heartstrings to get things she wanted. However, she wasn't living with him and couldn't always get in contact with him, making her even lonelier than she was. As an older student, Ashley's need to be noticed turned outward in its display, looking for attention from other people. She became one of the noticeable rebels in school, picking fights with people who mde fun of her and getting into fights during the sports she was involved in. She grew quite invested into sports as she was often looked on to perform for the team and her speedy play drew quite a bit of admirers. In between her play on the sports fields, her academic success, and her rebel attitude, she developed into something of a mythical figure at her schools. This was a good thing and a bad thing for Ashely, as she had a lot of people paying attention to her like she wanted, but not a whole lot of actual friends like she wanted.

A couple of years ago, her father had to take in a girl a couple of years older than her named Lei Sora from Japan. After pressing him for information, he revealed that he was protecting this girl from people who were hunting her in Japan... Her and Paul's other daughter, Kosuke. She was a bit excited at having more family, but incredibly mad at her father revealing that he wasn't really close to either mother of his two children. This new Lei girl immediately started causing problems for Ashley, as the problems her father had in protecting her and taking time away from spending with Ashley. Recently, the attacks have gotten too dangerous to have Ashley that close and he has decided to send Ashley to the only family in the world she has, her older half-sister Kosuke. Though she hasn't met Kosuke herself, Paul has said he had a talk with her and the girl's mother and they are willing to help the girl in any way they can. However, since money is tight, he is giving her and the family an extra $1,000 a month to help expenses. After helping pay for bills between Kosuke and her mother, Ashley has plenty of moeny to help live off of in Japan. Even though her father is still spoiling her as best as she can, she's sad she can't see him for a while. However, a new school and new family in Japan may finally get the people close to her that she's been wanting for ages now.


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