Anzu Mazaki
Vital statistics
Alias Anzu-chan (by Ribbon), Mazaki-san, Mazaki-kun
Nationality Japanese
Species Human
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Birthday August 18th, 1989
Age 27
Schools & Clubs Todai University Fourth Year

Secretary for the Law Offices of Tazawa & Nester

Resident Domino, Japan (formerly)

Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Sou Inn Girls Resident

Status Alive
Anzu Mazaki is a young woman whom originally lived in Domino, Japan but later moved due to receiving a job offer in Tokyo. She has two non canon siblings who are her sisters, Suzue Mazaki being the second oldest and Kuri Mazaki being the youngest sister. Anzu is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series and is friends with the King of Games, Yuugi Motou.


Anzu cares deeply about her friends, being very grateful to have them and knowing they were willing to stick by her for as long as they have. Whenever her friends were in trouble, she would step in and take control of the situation as they have done for her on numerous occasions. All of them are basically a support system for one another. In the beginning, Anzu didn't care too much for Jonouchi and Honda because they would often bully Yuugi but after awhile, she warmed up to them, especially since she consistently set them straight anytime they would get out of hand. She's very smart and strong willed after everything she's gone through, not giving up as easily as she used to.

Even though she wasn't supposed to be working at the age of sixteen (because for one, the job she got at Burger World, she had to be eighteen and two, working while underage at Domino High was prohibited), she was able to land herself a job. It may not've payed her enough as she would've liked but it was for the time being, enough to where she was able to save up enough money so she and her sister could go elsewhere. On top of that, she was trying to save money to be able to study dance in New York someday, as it'd always been a dream of hers ever since she was little. The move to Tokyo and landing a job as a Secretary at a law firm is a start. She's very protective of her younger sister Kuri just as much as she is with her friends. She enjoys listening to her music and reading during her spare time to give herself something to do when not doing homework.

Because Anzu hangs around more guys than she does girls, she developed a tomboyish like nature that only her friends were able to pick up on. No one else ever bothered to ask or notice for that matter, because they were too busy spreading rumors about her, belittling and degrading her because of her mothers reputation. As if school life wasn't a nightmare her home life wasn't any better. She had a tendency to avoid her friends sometimes whenever some random new rumor was spread around the campus like wildfire. This caused Anzu to be unable to trust a lot of people. It was a real shock to some that she was able to make friends with Yuugi and the others. Of course, they managed to look past the rumors to get to know Anzu as a person, finding out that she isn't as bad as people make her out to be. She hated, for the longest, the fact that her mother Remi sleeps with rich old men for their money to a point where she doesn't even take the time to acknowledge that she has children she needed to feed. Anzu was always the one left to do everything around the house.

She'd also been put in situations where she was almost raped and actually raped. These events caused her to have a VERY strong distrust towards men because she was robbed of her innocence at an early age by one of her mother's many men. She always used to be afraid that she would never be able to get her and her sister out of that house to where they could have a better life. Many a time, she'd been depressed with ridicule and insults received from classmates and other students that didn't even know her or but knew her mother and what the woman was all about. For twenty year (including the time she attended college), she had to put up with being judged because of her mothers ways but now that she is in a new city with a new job and a new place to stay, that will all change.


Anzu is 5’5” with shoulder length brown hair that is sectioned into two layers, consisting of a darker shade of brown inner layer, with the outer layer a lighter shade and blue eyes. She has a peach skin complexion, pointed chin, rounded eyes and D cup breasts. Her usual attire that she wore the most was the Domino High school girls uniform that consisted of a long sleeved white oxford shirt, blue tie, pink uniform jacket, and blue skirt that stop just below the thighs. During the events of Duelist Kingdom she wore an outfit composed of a yellow shirt, which flows like a skirt at her thighs, with a pink waistcoat over it and a blue mini-skirt under it. A pair of brown knee-high boots completed the rest of her outfit. She didn’t have to worry about wearing a uniform of sorts at Daruma University so her casual everyday attire was a light yellow green polo sleeveless buttoned shirt, pink and blue bracelets she wore on both of her wrists, navy blue jean shorts with a light blue belt, white knee high stockings and blue platform shoes. She also wears a yellow tank top with the word "spirit" on it with a red skirt and brown boots. Anzu’s also worn a black turtleneck tank-top shirt that shoes off her stomach, a red skirt with white boots. She also has her relaxing around the house outfit that is just a spaghetti strop black t-shirt and a pair of pink shorts. Over the years, her outerwear has changed drastically the more she matures from tomboyish outfits like overalls, jeans and sneakers to more feminine apparel. Anzu is comfortable with both.


Anzu Mazaki was born in Domino City, Japan to mother Remi Mazaki and father Keisuke Mazaki, she has two sisters, Kuri her younger sister and Suzue her half sister on her father’s side with his first wife. Anzu had forgiven her father for him leaving her and her sister to live with their mother as she knew it wasn’t his fault, that Remi made sure that he couldn’t take the both of them with him (he lives in Tokyo). Since his departure, she has been the one taking care of everything while her mother pockets her money for herself, sometimes spending it on the many men that she sleeps with. If you could already guess, Anzu hates her mother with a passion. She is, the reason why she was only able to make so little friends and luckily, having Yuugi Motou as a childhood friend already helped out with that for he knew she was nothing like her mother, will never be like her mother and that she isn’t to blame for the woman breaking up another family of a student that she went to school with and almost married the man.

Because of that, no one liked Anzu, immediately assuming the worst about her thanks to her mother’s sordid reputation. It was something hard to get past but somehow, she tried her best to get through each day without wanting to off herself, having sunk into a deep depression. If it weren’t for being friends with Yuugi and another girl named Miho Nosaka (who is mostly addressed by the name Ribbon because of the yellow ribbon she wore in her hair), she probably would’ve committed suicide. Miho was someone who was into the usual things that girls their age at the time liked and Yuugi liked to play games and various puzzles.


Anzu didn’t usually play with him in the beginning, no matter the game, but when Duel Monsters came out, and being a beginner, she was able to beat Jonouchi Katsuya, a young boy who’d often bully Yuugi along with Honda Hiroto. Those two had also believed the rumors about Anzu but after getting to know her as a person, they saw and believed differently. She was just as spunky and very tomboyish and didn’t hesitate to speak her mind to get people off her back but it’d oftentimes became quite tiresome as she felt it was unnecessary to have to explain and prove herself to people that thought she was a horrible home wrecker like her mother. Anzu managed to get a job working at Burger World along with Honda and Miho for she was not only trying to save up enough money to get her and her sister out of her mother’s house but to attend a dance school in New York someday. She’s exceptionally good at dancing and has always wanted to be a professional dance. But to get there, she had to work for it.

And having a part time job and you’re not eighteen was against school rules, so she tried to keep it a secret. However Yuugi and Jonouchi notice suspicious behavior on her behalf. Jonouchi suspects that she might be dating older men for pay and of course Yuugi disagrees immediately because that would make her seem like she’s following in her mother’s footsteps and he knew that Anzu would never stoop to such a level. Miho, fearing Jonouchi could be right about Anzu dating for pay, followed her after school in the hopes of saving her. This resulted in Miho getting a job at Burger World too. Seeing both girls leave together by themselves the next day, now Honda begins to fears Miho is also dating for pay and follows them, resulting in him getting a job there too. Finally, Yuugi and Jonouchi follow the three of them after school the next day where they ended up at Burger World. Anzu was in charge of taking orders and delivering the orders to the customer. She served Jonouchi and Yuugi burgers, squiring a warning message on them in ketchup that read “Tell and you die!” That’s when she told them of her reasons behind getting the job. They promised they wouldn’t tell and she went back to work.

Soon after, a local police chief showed up, alerting the restaurant manager that there was an escaped convict in the area and he suspected that he might’ve been in Burger World. He’d informed Anzu and her friends some details about the convict in question, one fact was that he’d had an injury on his right calf, causing Anzu to spill a basket of toy cards so she, Honda, and Jonouchi could secretly check the legs of the customers while gathering the cars. One man makes a fuss over being searched, which made the officer alert all the customers of what was going on, but none of them were willing to cooperate. He’d also mentioned that the convict was allergic to eggs and Anzu announced out loud, lying that the burger buns have traces of egg in them. This had caused one man to panic, exposing himself. The man in question was Tetsu Tasaki but was shot in the back of the head by his partner, another man named Sato. Since Sato had exposed himself out in the open, he holds everyone up at gunpoint, but takes Anzu hostage and blindfolds her.

And while she’s blindfolded, Sato orders Yuugi to bring him a drink and a cigarette but the spirit within Yuugi’s Millennium Puzzle, Yami Yuugi, takes over and plays a Shadow Game with Sato. To Anzu, it sounded like Yuugi, but she figured it couldn’t be him since the voice she heard sounded way too confident and dangerous. Yami Yuugi manages to defeat Sato and saves Anzu in the process. At the time, not knowing whom her rescuer was, she developed a crush on him, wanting to find out his identity. Anzu, for the most part was glad that she and her friends didn’t have to appear on the news but the situation of course, was mentioned. But from that point on, she seemed to be some sort of magnet for weirdos that always want to harm her or take advantage of her. The first time she was almost raped involved a student that was a self-proclaimed psychic by the name of Kokurano that attempted to seduce Anzu by reading her future, telling her that she’ll meet a wonderful man who will reveal himself to her and she will fall in love. She believed this to be true, hoping that it’ll be the man who saved her at Burger World, as he didn’t seem to be a student at Domino High, whoever he was. Unfortunately, Kokurano tried to make himself the man from his prediction that would make Anzu swoon, by knocking her out with a rag dampened with chloroform.

Yami Yuugi learns of how Kokurano is the one behind making his predictions come true and rushes to Anzu’s rescue. Using the chloroform bottle, he defeats him in a Shadow Game. For a brief moment, Anzu regain consciousness to where she was able to get a glimpse of her rescuer’s hand, spotting a cut. The next day, she spots this very same injury on Yuugi’s hand. Anzu begins to deduce that if Yuugi is indeed the man who saved her, he must act differently while she’s in danger. So, she begins to purposely put herself in dangerous at an amusement park she invited Yuugi to go with her to. She pretended to drown but other guys came to her rescue and in the process of trying to save her, Yuugi himself began drowning. At that very same park, a bomber had infiltrated, threatening the lives of the people. Since Anzu didn’t know where exactly the bomber was in the park, she ended up getting into the Ferris wheel. However, the bomber is also in the Ferris wheel too, for he planted bombs in it, endangering Anzu’s life. And as usual, Yami Yuugi emerged, lays a game with the bomber and saved Anzu.

Sometime later on when Yuugi becomes targeted by Seto Kaiba’s Game Masters, one of them, in question, Ailean Rao, who at first glance appears to be a normal teenage girl whom with a mother that was originally a famous fashion idol and dancer but really, she was an android built by a woman named Vitani who specialized in robotics and was secretly a mage. She’d given up her career as a fashion idol and dancer to try and settle down and have children but could never find the right man so she built Ailean. She even allowed Ailean to attend school alongside regular students but many girls never liked her because of her tomboyish nature. Anzu was the one that befriended her without being aware of the fact that she’d been hired by Seto to be one of his Game Masters. Originally, Vitani was given the offer but she allowed her android daughter to go in her place. She was to try and get close to Yuugi and the only way to do that was by befriending Anzu. Anzu was a big fan of Vitani when she was in the fashion and dancing gig and Ailean invited, rather lured her and Yuugi both to a condominium with the promise of letting them meet the woman in person. This however, was a lie and again, Anzu’s life was put in danger as Ailean challenges Yuugi to a game of Rijinhai (similar to chess but WAY different on many levels), with something important to him on the line. That something was Anzu, as she threatens to kill her with a tiger. Yami Yuugi defeats Ailean and saves Anzu.

After awhile, the strange dangers did calm down but she eventually did figure out that Yami Yuugi was in fact Yuugi, the both of them being one in the same person. But her feelings remained with the spirit within the puzzle. She tried focusing more on school and working but she was eventually fired from Burger World for slapping a customer who had groped her behind. She’d gotten hired later at a local CD Warehouse store that Miho had begun working there before her. Anzu was in charge of stocking the shelves and Miho, manning the register. She was going to do her best to save of the money needed to move to some place better as it was getting more and more stressful at Domino High. And home life got worse. One of Remi’s men had attempted to rape Anzu, almost succeeded until a classmate that’d secretly followed her home with the notion that something was going to happen saved her. That man was arrested but Remi showed no kind of remorse whatsoever for what’d nearly happened to her daughter. She just basically stated that, that would be one man she wouldn’t be seeing anymore anytime soon. Anzu was just simply disgusted. The third time this had happened, she was actually raped by a doctor that her mother worked and slept with. This is what’d completely traumatized her, making her not only become wary and distrustful of men but she was also worried about the safety of her younger sister.

She still trusted the friends she had but anyone else, she felt uneasy around them. Her virginity was taken away from her just like that, which she had to attend school counseling sessions for after she was released from the hospital, badly bruised and beaten. Anzu would only talk to Miho about it but she knew that she’d never truly understand what she was feeling unless it’d happened to her. But it’d helped, knowing that she was there to listen. Word of what’d happened to her had already begun to spread around the campus and the horrible lies and assumptions came up with about it had made her, want to kill herself a few times but she stopped because she knew that there was still some shred of hope. It might’ve been minimal but at the time but she had to stay strong, for her sake and Kuri’s. She kept her mind focused on doing things, trying not to think of the things that have happened to her that she felt shouldn’t have never happened but had no control over. Before long, Seto eventually pops back into the picture having kidnapped Yuugi’s grandfather Sugoroku Motou, took the famous “Blue Eyes White Dragon” card from him and ripped it in half so that it couldn’t be used against him. Yuugi goes to face off against him but not before Anzu draws a smiley face symbol on her, Yuugi, Jonouchi and Honda’s hands to symbolize their friendship before he takes off.

Once Seto had been defeated by an amateur duelist, Yuugi and Jonouchi get on a boat to Duelist Kingdom, Yuugi going in order to get his grandfather’s soul back and Jonouchi going to win the prize money in order to pay for his younger sister Shizuka Kawaii's eye operation. Anzu and Honda sneak onto the boat and for majority of the tournament, the two of them stand on the sidelines giving the boys encouraging speeches (Anzu had left her sister in the care of Miho while she was away). While on the Duelist Kingdom Island, they run into a classmate of theirs, Ryou Bakura where his alter ego, Yami Bakura faces off against Yami Yuugi in a Shadow Game of Duel Monsters where everyone was trapped in the form of their favorite cards. Anzu becomes the card “Magician of Faith” in the duel. She becomes upset over Jonouchi’s sacrifice and uses her effect to return “Monster Reborn” to Yami Yuugi’s hand, allowing him to revive Jonouchi. Seto ends up showing up again at Duelist Kingdom in order to duel against Yuugi again, and defeats him by standing on the edge of the castle so that Yuugi’s last attack would knock him off. Yuugi forfeits the duel to Seto with Anzu in the process trying to discourage Yuugi from attacking and she argues with Seto over his strategy. Seto explains how duelist are given one chip and must use it in whatever way allows them to win. Anzu argues back that he’d only one because he couldn’t live with out the chip in order to gain entrance to the castle. She felt that Yuugi won that duel despite his forfeit.

After the loss, Yuugi didn’t have enough Start Chips to enter the tournament finals. They’d met a young woman by the name of Mai Kujaku during their travels and she offered him the extra Star Chips that she’d owed him from when he’d helped her out. Yuugi refuses to take them, feeling unworthy. This causes Anzu to step in and duel Mai for the Start Chips. By using a combination of magic cards, Anzu makes her “Shining Friendship’ card defeat Mai’s “Harpie Lady”. Mai could’ve turned the duel around but she was impressed by Anzu’s performance and wants to give Yuugi the Star Chips so she surrenders the duel by saying her Harpie Lady was her best monster that was defeated by Anzu. Yuugi regains his confidence to duel again for the sake of his grandfather so he takes the Star Chips Anzu won from Mai. When they she, Honda and Bakura tried to enter the castle where the finals were being held, Kemo wouldn’t let them as they’re not duelists, finalists and they didn’t have Star Chips. But Mai distracts him long enough for them to sneak inside. Inside, the watch Seto dueling against Pegasus J. Crawford (the creator of Duel Monsters and tournament organizer) and he was able to predict Kaiba’s moves with the uses of his Millennium Eye and easily win. He also took Seto’s soul and placed it in an empty duel monster card.

Honda is the one that suspects Pegasus cheated, so that night he talks with Anzu and Bakura on the subject. The three inspect the Duel arena and find a hole that shines moonlight directly at the Duel arena. Honda also spots a tower, the three of them all heading toward it after leaving the arena. However, Pegasus who uses his Millennium Eye to transport them into another dimension confronts them, where they wake up and enter into a room where a Shadow Game between two robed men is taking place while others are changing. The winning man, Pegasus, confronts them again and attempts to take Bakura’s Millennium Ring but Yami Bakura takes over Bakura’s body in time, by sending them all back to their own rooms while erasing their memories at the same time. During the final rounds, Anzu cheers on Yuugi and Jonouchi in their duels. Though she is able to watch the end of Yuugi's Duel with Pegasus, as Pegasus takes the duel to the Shadow Realm. Despite this, Yuugi feels his friends are with him in spirit and manages to defeat Pegasus. Pegasus disappears after the duel is over. The gang proceeded off to a tower, where they discover Pegasus' diary, which Anzu begins to read. She learns that Pegasus had a wife Cecelia, who died and Pegasus was trying to revive her using the Millennium Items and Kaiba Corporation technology.

Afterward when everyone’s souls were back where they should be, Anzu and her friends depart from the island by Seto Kaiba in his helicopter. They returned home and met a couple more unsavory characters that’d become friends, a young girl named Rebecca Hopkins and a classmate Ryouji Otogi who had it in for Yuugi. They came to a reconcilable understanding before parting ways. Anzu did not actively participate in the events that involved Seto, Ami Mizuno, Jasmine Tsukino and Yuugi but was later filled in on what had gone on. She is glad that things have settled and everyone is on good terms, that included Yuugi as well and his ex-girlfriend Jasmine. They are, at the very least, still on good talking terms. As for herself, she finished out high school while continuing to work at the CD Warehouse store and taking care of her sister while their mother did whatever she was going to go regardless of what others thought. She’d managed to complete a year at Daruma University where she’d learned more on the job skills that’d allowed her to land a job in Tokyo as a Secretary for a law firm. She found this to be a huge opportunity, even though it’d meant leaving her friends behind in the process. But she knows, they’ll always be with her no matter where she goes.

In the meantime, she has packed what she could to take on the move to Tokyo and made sure that Kuri had done the same. The bus tickets were cheap to get but the rent for some of the apartment complexes in town were ridiculous. Luckily, she managed to come across the Hinata Sou Inn accepting female and male tenants. She wasn’t two thrilled about the idea of male tenants living next door as well as a few living IN the girls dorm as well but it's a learning process of something to get used to. She and Kuri have been living there for the past six months and so far, things have been going smoothly, with school and her job. Yes, she decided on finishing college, enrolling into Todai University, completed her second year and is working on her third. She was able to get Kuri into school, enrolling her into T-A Private Academy for Girls. She was originally going to enroll Kuri into Tsukuba Academy but the tuition costs were way to expensive for enrollment and room and board, not that she was planning on allowing her sister to live on campus anyway. She won't be able to afford something like that until she saves up enough money from her job. Overall, Anzu is glad to be as far away from their mother as humanly possible but they are closer to their father who does live in Tokyo. Anzu has not decided yet to pay him a visit along with her cousin Choie and half-sister Suzue.


Yuugi Motou & Yami YuugiEdit

Upon finding out that Yuugi had a girlfriend but it was a long distance relationship, she was actually shocked and yet a little jealous that someone that pretty much would be considered attractive in the eyes of other guys would want to be with someone like Yuugi. Not that, that was a bad thing that Yuugi was dating Jasmine Tsukino at the time, but she was not aware of their initial closeness from childhood. Yuugi was unaware of Anzu's feelings for him, especially after he solved the Millennium Puzzle and Yami Yuugi came into everyones lives. However, despite how deeply in love with Yuugi she was, she wasn't certain if she loved Yuugi more or Yami more. Anzu believed that Yami Yuugi was more mature in personality than regular Yuugi but she cares deeply for both Yuugi's, personality and all. It is only later than when Yuugi ends up in the hospital after trying to save Yami, that she finally accepts that the two of them are separate people, causing much confusion for her as to who she really loves.

Other MenEdit

Because of the incident that happened to her when she was raped in her own home by one of her mother's men that she'd slept with and left in the house around her two daughters, Anzu is very distrusting of other men and doesn't wish to be touched by them because the initial contact causes her to have flashbacks of that night where she was completely helpless no matter how hard she fought back against her attacker. While she still trusts her friends who are male, the only one she actually has feelings for is possibly Yuugi or Yami. Not so much anyone else. After being raped, she didn't want to date anyone as her innocence had clearly been taken from her against her will and caused her to believe that she truly was like her mother because of what happened but she knew that to not be true and tried her best to not listen to the rumors that she endured from other students when attending Domino High School.

Anzu GalleryEdit

  • Anzu dressed in Ashford Academy uniform
  • Past life Anzu as Teana

Anzu's Deck ListsEdit


Monsters Spells Traps
  • Mokey Mokey x3
  • Oscillo Hero #2 x3
  • Petit Moth x3
  • Red Archery Girl x3
  • Skull Servant x2
  • Dark Magician Girl
  • Magician of Faith x2
  • Penguin Knight x2
  • Skelengel x3
  • Book of Taiyou
  • Breath of Light x2
  • De-Spell x2
  • Elf's Light
  • Magical Stone Excavation
  • Rain of Mercy x2
  • Silver Bow and Arrow
  • Token Thanksgiving
  • Gift of the Mystical Elf x2
  • Hallowed Life Barrier
  • Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment x2
  • Solemn Wishes x2


  • Despite Anzu's distrust of men, she still harbors feelings for both Yuugi and Yami.
  • Anzu attended Daruma University in Domino, Japan for one year, now she attends Todai University.
  • Anzu is still jealous of Jasmine because she was initially the first one to be in a steady relationship with Yuugi before the events happened in Domino that caused her to lose her memories and love for Yuugi. Though she does feel sorry for the fact that the love she did have for him was taken away from her against her will when she was "reborn".
  • Anzu has two non-canon sisters: Kuri Mazaki and her half sister Suzue Mazaki. Considering that she mentions nothing of her family in either the manga or anime, it is not a far reach that Anzu would have siblings.
  • Fans initially dislike Anzu because they found her to be annoying with her 'friendship speeches' while others dislike her because she couldn't make up her mind if she was in love with the original Yuugi or Yami Yuugi.

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