Anissa Carlotta Granville
Anissa caroltta granville


Twilight Sparkle (Pen Name)


Valerian ¾ & Martian ¼


¾ Human & ¼ Anodite




May 13th, 1998




Celestia's School for Gifted Children (formerly)
T-A Private Girls Academy Ninth Grade (currently)
Book Club Member
Writing Club Member
Student Council Treasurer


Mars Kingdom (formerly)
Valeria Kingdom (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (Currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory


First Floor > Room 002



Anissa is extremely intelligent and that is not by birth but through her constantly focusing all of her time on her studies and barely interacting with those around her other than her childhood friend Spike. She’s do devoted to doing well in school and using her powers that she even studies during her breaks, much to her friend’s dismay. She loves reading all kinds of books, even if they are not something that she particularly favors but deems it as something to read in her spare time (which she seems to have a lot of). Any books involving spells and learning how to cast them, Anissa would focus all of her attention on that book until she’s tried every single spell she can think of that she hasn’t tried yet. She wants to be a strong Anodite like her mother and like her great-aunt Marie whom she admires the most. Aside from being engrossed in books, Anissa also loves writing to the point she has to right down a thought, no matter how random it is to keep from forgetting it. She has her own online blogs that she updates everyday under the pen name ‘Twilight Sparkle’ of things she’s done throughout her day. Another thing is her excellent organization skills. She is able to coordinate everything down to the T to make sure that flows as it should, thus why she has so many checklists around her with different things that she needs to do and things others need to do. Anissa is also someone that doesn’t really care about wanting to outshine others and is in fact a very humble kind of person. She doesn’t make a big deal out of her talents nor the talents of anybody else (usually classmates), but will admit that she is the most intelligent student out of all her peers.

Anissa lacks sociability because she would rather study, keeping her head in a book than to go to a party and have some fun for a change. Her mother often calls her a boring bookworm that needs to get out more and remarks that she wished she didn’t have a daughter that wasn’t so much of a recluse. She always promises her mother that she’ll become a better daughter but can only do so much or feels there is not much she can do to make her mother happy. However, she admires her great aunt in wanting to rebuild and reform the Valeria Kingdom back to what it used to be and becomes greatly nervous in disappointing her as well and not wanting to do anything to displease her like she seems to do with her mother quite a lot. She also wishes to not disappoint the headmistress of the school she attends, Celestia Solaria. She becomes quite anxious when something happens that is not always her fault but feels that she will be blamed for it and punished horribly. Anissa greatly fears being punished and tries to avoid doing anything stupid or dangerous at all costs. She has shown to be quite aggressive when things don’t go her way as well. Like her OCD obsession with everything being organized. It drives her crazy if things are out of order, misplaced and untidy. If something isn’t done about it, that is all her mind will be focused on is fixing everything until it is completely done. And one thing you don’t want to do is tell her a secret for she is horrible at keeping them. She will try for a way to keep quiet, going through such lengths to keep her mouth shut but the anxiety of the overwhelming secret gets the best of her to the point she blurts it out, that being another reason why she doesn’t socialize outside of hanging with Spike. Anissa is also a very skeptic person as well, not immediately believing something someone says right off the bat unless deemed otherwise through her own observations.


Anissa is 5’2’’ with long hair that goes all the way down to her back, stopping at her waist consisting of the following colors: dark violet, purple, pink and lavender (her hair all over is dark violet but she dyed it in different shades) that she keeps held back with a lavender hairband and her eyes are also violet. She has a tan skin complexion despite being indoors majority of the time, only going outside when she needs to, rounded eyes, pointed chin and smooth rounded cheeks, as she has the bust size of that of an A cup, despite only being twelve years old and already beginning to develop. Before going to live in the Valeria Kingdom, Anissa originally attended school in the kingdom of Mars wearing a school uniform that consisted of a white long sleeved oxford shirt, black necktie, red jacket blazer, dark blue pleated skirt that went all the way down past her knees, dark blue socks and brown suede shoes. When attending her new school, she now wears a uniform of a long sleeved white shirt, with a crème colored vest over it, red necktie, baby blue long sleeved blazer with crème trimmings, black pleated skirt, dark blue socks and brown suede shoes. Now that she attends T-A Private Academy for Girls, she wears the following uniform that consists of colors of light gray uniform top with a dark gray sailor V-neck collar with dark red stripes and a small dark red bow, the skirt is dark gray, going halfway down to her knees, black dress socks and black suede shoes. Her casual attire is a violet long sleeved shirt with a dark purple spaghetti strop top worn over it, magenta skirt that stops at her hips but she wears darker purple leggings underneath it, and black flat shoes on her feet.


Early LifeEdit

Anissa was a Martian Anodite born and raised in the Mars Kingdom, living in the city of Deimos, the kingdom itself ruled by King and Queen Ryumi and Rai Hoshikawa. Her mother is Izabella Valles, daughter of deceased Princess Annette La Flourite, the younger sister and current Queen of the new Valeria Kingdom, Marie Flourite. When King Wei had gone insane and killed many of his kingdom’s people, including himself, there were those that managed to escape the fate of death, including Annette’s only child, Izabella. Marie was unable to find Izabella anywhere, no matter where she looked, that is because she’d made it a point not to be found. She’d fled to the Mars Kingdom, like many other residents of Valeria migrated to other kingdoms to live that weren’t killed by former King Wei, her grandfather. Her mother was dead and the only parent she had left to raise her, was her father who eventually died when she was only fifteen years old. With everyone around her that she cared about leaving her, she’d sunk into a deep depression, to the point she’d given her virginity to the first guy that’d shown her the slightest bit of attention. However, she didn’t expect to become pregnant by the boy she’d slept with, having a child, a girl that she’d named Anissa Carlotta Granville. Izabella raised Anissa by herself while also living in the kingdom of Mars and made it a point for the child to learn how to use her powers since there’d been no one to teach her when Izabella was young.

Izabella had progressed in her powers enough to achieve her full Anodite form, relieving herself of her humanity and loving the lack of responsibility, no one telling her how to do anything and when to do it. She stopped taking life seriously and being depressed all the time and does things to satisfy her own personal pleasures. In a nutshell, she would rather have fun than to be tied down by life, however, that didn’t stop her from raising Anissa to become an Anodite like herself someday. However, Anissa was nothing like her mother. Unfortunately, while she did wrap herself in her studies when attending school in the Mars Kingdom, making good grades and everything, she preferred to do just that over having fun, causing her mother to find her to be a boring child that she has to teach how to have fun and socialize with others. She never calls Anissa by her full name, only ‘Nissa’ as do some of her classmates. While attending school in Mars, Anissa had made a boy that was ten years old named Winthrop Braiden Kipling but he hated being called by his real name and told her to call him Spike. The two became fast friends though Spike finds her to be a bit of a frustrating person considering that all she does is study, study, study, never doing anything fun.

Discovering her Family HeritageEdit

Anissa would rather keep her head in a book, teach herself to learn new ways to use her powers or even write in her blogs over having fun, things she feels she has no time for when school is much more important. She’d been this way from the time she could walk and talk up to now. While growing up, she’d often ask her mother about any other immediately family that they had since she wanted to know more about Anodites to be able to understand and use her powers to their fullest extent but Izabella would always tell her that she didn’t need to know the rest of their stuck up family with silver spoons shoved down their throats and that she could teach her daughter anything she wanted and needed to know. This surprised Anissa, seeing her mother display anger and hatred so deep towards someone for the first time. She didn’t understand what was so bad about any other family that they might’ve had and thought it would be nice to sit down and get to know them a little more. And so, by researching, she’d discovered the dark desolate Valeria Kingdom was the home of many Anodites and other magical beings and creatures. It was the history of the kingdom and how it was formed to when it had fallen and the cause behind it. Reading, she’d discovered that there had been two twin boys that were born by the elder princess of Valeria and given that the King was a very superstitious person, twins were the sign of a bad omen or so many believed.

The power of the twins rivaled that of the ruler, making him banish them and their mother to a kingdom called Britannia. The more she researched, the more Anissa discovered the truth behind the Britannia Kingdom and its ruler and that the banished princess had become the wife of the Emperor of said kingdom along with the many other wives he’d had as well as their children. There was even a family tree of Britannian former rulers, siblings, children and other various heirs across the solar planetary world of Crystal Tokyo. The banished princess mentioned in the book Anissa had read was not named but in the Britannian Royal Family tree she was listed as Marie La Britannia along with her sons Yui and Fai La Britannia and a daughter Anne La Britannia. These people were her family. The … entire Britannian Royal line was her family. She’d always known she’d come from royalty but never in her wildest dreams did she think she came from such a vast line of people. She wanted to know more about them but of course, her mother refused to go anywhere near that kingdom due to the obvious reasons of their being another war going on there at the time and it was too dangerous for someone at her skill level to step foot in such a place. So, she could only just think about wanting to meet her extended family and blogging about it every once in awhile online in her online blog under the pen name ‘Twilight Sparkle’.

But she didn’t let her own wants distract her from the things that were important, again that being her studies and learning to use and perfect her powers as an Anodite, however she didn’t want to lose her humanity completely and become like her mother. Although it would be nice to have access to every power that Anodites have, Anissa didn’t want to resort to be less human just to do so. As such, she’d often go to the library and check out books on spells and anything else she could find and have Spike carry them all to her home as she was unable to carry the all herself, even with her ability to levitate things. Her magic progressed a lot with the amount of learning she’d taught herself and learned a bit in the classes he attended in Mars. Izabella was happy that her daughter was becoming more like her but at the same time still found her child to be nothing but a buzz kill. Anissa hated the thought of disappointing her mother and no matter how much she studied; the woman just became more and more disappointed in her. It wasn’t until recently a month ago that word had spread around like a disease about the war in the Britannia Kingdom being over as well as the old Valeria Kingdom being rebuilt to its former glory and beautiful place. She was excited that her grandmother’s home was being restored by none other than her Great Aunt Marie, taking over the kingdom as the new ruler.

Becoming Celestia Solaria's ApprenticeEdit

Izabella was not happy about that idea but unfortunately her daughter was and wanted to go there very badly, especially since a school for gifted children had been built and it’d offered all sorts of different classes on magic and everything. EVERTYING that Anissa believed would help use her powers a bit better than she was able to on her own. So she’d dropped out of the school she was attending in the Mars Kingdom and dragged Spike with her to the Valeria Kingdom, to the city of Canterlot, neighboring next to Equestria City. Her Great Aunt Marie lived in Canterlot, which is the first stop she’d made. It was her chance, after all, to reconnect with family since her mother was not willing to. It’s not as if Anissa held any anger at all towards the woman for the things that took place years ago. It was a long time ago and there was no point in being angry over something that could not be changed. Like her own mother, Marie was an Anodite being and relieved herself of humanity to rebuild and rule Valeria, setting things right as they should’ve been, which is what she told her Great Niece. She was happy to know that her sister’s daughter was still alive, though saddened to know that her father had later passed on, leaving her all alone to care for herself. But Marie found Anissa to be a delight and since the child was interested in wanting to better her powers and further her studies, she put in a request for Anissa and her friend to attend Celestia’s School for Gifted Children.

Anissa squealed in delight that her great aunt was such an amazing person and promised that she would not disappoint her. But it was far from easy getting into the school. Like many of the students already attending, she had to take an entrance exam and this particular exam required her to hatch the egg of a baby chicken through the use of magic. Spike was able to do it easily but as for Anissa, it was quite difficult. She’d never used her powers in such a way that she would have to make things hatch so it didn’t come as a surprise that she couldn’t do it, not earning a very good score from those that were overseeing her exam. Despite her best efforts, the egg does not hatch, and she apologizes for wasting the examiners' time. But out of no where an explosion is heard in the distance outside of the school, not only startling her but causes her to fire off a beam of light at the egg, hatching the baby chicken. Unfortunately, her magic had gotten out of control, making her eyes glow white with purple aura surrounding her body entirely. Anissa begins firing off a flurry of spells like making the examiners float in the air, turn Spike into a potted plant and the chicken grew ten feet tall with its head breaking through the roof.

The array of spells was causing Anissa’s head to hurt, almost forcing her to lose her humanity and become an Anodite until Celestia Solaria stepped foot into the room just in time to control Anissa’s powers with her own. In doing so, everything and had gone back to normal. As for Anissa, she collapses on the floor on all floors, exhausted and head throbbing while apologizing to Celestia but the woman tells her she is not upset but instead recognizes that she has potential and recommends that she learn to tame her abilities through more focused study. Anissa was surprised by this and believed that she’d failed her exam and ruined her chances of getting into the school. Celestia told her that she has passed from what she had witnessed and offered to take her as her own personal protégé at the school. Excited, Anissa accepted the offer and told her that she’d do her best not to let her down and was happy to be a student in Celestia’s school. And so, Anissa had been admitted into Celestia’s School for Gifted Children as a sixth year student, making high marks in all of her classes but still has a long way to go in taming her powers. She is still pretty much a recluse that much has not changed at all. And she likes everything to be organized, as she cannot function in a disorganized area. Things have to be neat and well placed around her though even with her stuff organized, she still can find things she is looking for. Spike has to do it for her.

Izabella, remained in the Mars Kingdom but didn’t want to ruin her daughter’s happiness by pulling her out of a school she’d just gotten accepted into but she will always hold hatred towards the Valeria Kingdom and its ruler, feeling that it was not fair that she and her children had a better life than she did. She doesn’t regret having Anissa but wished that she could’ve given her a better life and showed her what it was like to have fun, though she still intends to do that in her own way, but it never works. Anissa likes living in Valeria, intrigued by the many magical beings and creatures that inhabit the kingdom. Currently, Anissa is just about finished with her second semester at Celestia’s school and since she’d gotten most of her studies done, she’d been given the assignment of going to explore the world that is known as Earth. This had been given to her by Marie and Celestia both who both agreed that Anissa really needed to get out more and make friends with other people and she was free to take Spike along with her during her venture. Although the chance to explore Earth sounded great, she really was not into the idea of making friends. To get her motivated with the idea, Marie told her that her children also lived on Earth and if she wanted to meet them, she was more than willing to send to where they specifically live. And it worked, of course. Immediately, she wanted to meet Marie’s children, her second cousins to know what they were like. If they were as nice as her then they should be able to get along just fine with no problems. While on Earth, she is to send a report back at least once a week on the progress of her mission. Determined not to disappoint her Marie and her headmistress, she will not fail in her mission.


During that entire week on Earth, Anissa pretty much spent the entire time getting to know her Britannian side of the family, being around Fai and his family majority of the time whilst exploring the city alone and writing up a report of her entire mission. While they were an interesting bunch of people, she did feel pretty satisfied knowing that she had a chance to meet them but was saddened when her week would come to an end and she'd have to return to the Valeria Kingdom to complete her schooling and training. As her mission was completed and presented to her mentor Celestia, she did not find what she was really looking for in Anissa's report and therefore denied her from returning to her school and had took it upon herself to enroll Anissa into a school in Tokyo. Originally, she was to attend Tsukuba Academy but refused, preferring to visit there and for the first time she'd actually lost her temper with Celestia for doing such a thing. Unbeknownst to Celestia, Anissa had been looking into the schools there, debating on whether or not to stay on Earth or return to Valeria. The school of her choosing was T-A Private Girls Academy, a more strict environment and much safer than she considered Tsukuba Academy to be.

She also took up residence in the Hinata Girls Dorm next door to the boys dorm on the property in which Fai lives in. Upon allowing Anissa to attend the school she wanted to go to, Celestia secretly had a fellow Anodite named Aphrodite Ada watch over her for awhile but of course, Anissa is anything but fond of Aphrodite, considering her to be very insane and no more having tried to figure her out. Turns out that she was a friend of another Anodite named Daniel Nagisa who attends Tsukuba Academy. She had her suspicions about him at first given that he seemed pretty much distant but given that she herself did the same as she had no time for friends or fun, she brushed it off and became interested in wanting to learn more things about Anodites and their powers from him. It was then she'd also found out that he was the future son of her cousin Fai along with his older brother Kai Nagisa, something that Daniel had asked of her to keep a secret. Due to the secret being big and important, Anissa promised to keep it, knowing that he may have his reasons for not wanting to tell Fai anything as of yet. What Celestia wanted was for Anissa to make friends though she hadn't realized this on her own until much later, which she still for the longest refused to make any, as she felt she had no time for them.

All the while, things were for the most part good until her rival Trixie Diaspro came to Tokyo looking for her in order to have a rematch. She'd attacked Anissa's cousins (Chikage) during the Christmas of 2010 but was put in her place as well as returned back to Valeria by Celestia and Marie personally. Not long after that, Anissa found out that Trixie had been enrolled into the same school that she attends as well as staying in the same place where she lives, much to her dismay. Though Trixie didn't stay too focused on trying to prove to be better than Anissa when she became the girlfriend of Maxwell Blackwell, she finding that to be a relief seeing as how that no more would she be bothering her. It lasted a little while until Trixie broke up with him and went back to attacking Anissa and Max's friends who harbored a great dislike of her. Their getting back together didn't last as long as Anissa had hoped it would after using her powers out of context for the first time to attack Trixie to make her see that she was in love with Max. After breaking up with him again, Trixie hadn't for awhile bothered to attack and harass Anissa, until much recently at the beginning of the summer when she started visiting Tsukuba Academy to see Daniel. By then she already had one friend named Charity Henderson, a complete and total drama queen and unwillingly made another named Alexandria Dash who's personality is more brash and tomboyish than her own.

Despite the usual craziness that goes on at Tsukuba Academy, Anissa's summer was fairly sane and normal. She'd met more new people and made more friends at her own school in through by Alex. She still continues to train in order to get stronger and better with her powers. She may be powerful as an Anodite but even she can be bested by another of her kind or even someone much stronger than her. This being known when she'd met the music teacher Gin Ichimaru and briefly trained with him, having found out that he was a demon. She hadn't gone back to do so given that her schedule became busy when told that she was to put on a welcome back concert for the T-A students for the first day of school and even before school started she had to put on another one for a super rich girl by the name of Gemini von Schroider at her Promotional Duel Monsters party. Anissa was definitely booked up but survived through it all and will survive through this fall semester and many more to come.


Trixie DiasproEdit

Anissa and Trixie have always been magic rivals, mainly on Trixie's part who holds a deep hatred towards Anodites whom she believe are the cause behind her father's death. Since then, she'd always sought out to be better than Anissa, going as far as stealing or swapping out their powers in order to feel and be much stronger than her. Anissa personally finds Trixie to be annoying but she has her moments where she can actually read Trixie to know what she's thinking or about to attempt in doing and tries to put a stop to her plans before they even began. She doesn't consider Trixie a rival seeing as how she understands and knows how dangerous magic is but there doesn't seem to be any chance of Trixie realizing this herself. Whether or not these two will eventually become friends in the future has been left up in the air.

Charity HendersonEdit

Charity was the first friend that Anissa had made while shopping around the mall with her cousin Anne Flourite. The two didn't share too much in common but Charity seemed very eager in wanting to get to know Anissa more seeing as how they attended the same school. Anissa finds Charity to be a total drama queen when it comes to over exaggerating or freaking out over the littlest of things. She sometimes has to tell her to calm down and that things aren't as serious as she's making them out to be and if she doesn't do it then Alex is the one that normally does. She does appreciate Charity's sense of fashion, though tends to back away from anything that's overly flashy for her liking.

Alexandria DashEdit

A tomboy fallen angel that Anissa met while at Tsukuba Academy one day. Unwillingly, she became friends with her due to Alex being quite a pushy person in liking to state frequently how awesome she is when it comes to certain things. Anissa finds her a little more tolerable and toned down than Charity and at least the both of them can agree that Charity is a total drama queen.

Aphrodite AdaEdit

A fellow anodite that is friends with Daniel Nagisa, Anissa's future cousin and future son of Fai and Kurogane along with his brother Kai Nagisa. She finds Aphrodite to be completely insane, frustrating and the breaker of the fourth wall. Anissa stopped along time ago trying to figure her out and while she still thinks she's crazy and insane, she's used to it and nothing Aphrodite does phases her anymore like it does with the others.

Daniel NagisaEdit

Daniel is Anissa's cousin in the future whom she became interested in wanting to get to know as well as learn a lot about her powers as well as become a stronger anodite than she is now. Daniel was willing to teach her the basics but nothing beyond that and didn't do into detail as to why. He also told her that it is important she not tell anyone, specially not Fai who he and Kai are and so far, Anissa has kept this secret. In the beginning, she did find Daniel a little suspicious because of his distant nature but brushed it off the more she got to know him and he's not as distant as he used to be.

Kai NagisaEdit

Anissa didn't have too much interaction with Kai but the brief moments he was around, she found him to be quite infuriating and too much like Trixie. She simply knew right then she would not be able to tolerate talking to him as they would clash way too much. If she had a better understanding of why he was acting the way he does towards his own brother, she would probably talk to him more but so far, she is not understanding his dislike of Anodites other than just it being mere jealousy and sibling rivalry.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Mana Manipulation & ControlEdit

Anissa is descended from a magical race of humanoid beings known as Anodites that originate from the Valeria Kingdom. As an Anodite, she is able to manipulate and control life energy more commonly known as Mana. However, she is only able to access part of her powers at a lower level due to her body having not reached the maturity level in which would cause her to lose her humanity forever to be nothing more than an energy being. The colors of Anissa’s powers are pinkish purple color and the only powers she has access to are: energy blasts, shields, levitation, magic detection & sensing (able to sense magic around her such as barriers and detecting the power within people at close range of herself), telepathy, and ropes. She’s not as strong an Anodite as her mother Izabella but is training hard to be as to not appear as a failure in her mother’s eyes.

Magic & SpellsEdit

While not great in offensive fights, Anissa has proven to be exceptionally well at using magic itself having dedicated herself to studying it everyday. Since she is an Anodite, her powers require a lot of concentration and effort. By focusing on the line of sight with a particular object or person, she is able to cast a spell upon them. She is also, like any magic user (Anodite or not) is able to form Probationary Contracts with others to be able to enhance her own powers as well as gain a partner to help assist her in battle. But because Anissa does not fight, she therefore sees no need to make one but she is able to summon up the specific magic circle that is required to form the contract. In regards to the particular spells she knows how to do, they are of the following: changing hers or someone else’s outfits, turning an object or a person into something else, and growing facial hair. As talented as she is, her spells occasionally misfire or fail.

Anissa GalleryEdit

  • Anissa invoked the power of fire
  • Anissa as an Anodite


  • Anissa's overall personality is similar to Twilight Sparkle's from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic but she displays other personality traits that Twilight Sparkle doesn't have. She has an OCD obsession with everything being organized and if it's not, she will remain unfocused until it is fixed, she does get angry and has mild displays of a Tsundere where she can remain fine one minute and then snap the next whenever something frustrates her, this usually being Aphrodite Ada who take great pride in annoying the hell out of her. Anissa is a little bit more focused when training to use her powers and doesn't often make too many mistakes  with her spells unlike Twilight Sparkle.
  • Ironically, Anissa's pen name 'Twilight Sparkle' is one she uses anytime she writes in her blogs.
  • Like Twilight Sparkle, Anissa is also the apprentice of a Celestia.
  • Like Twilight Sparkle, Anissa is a magic user as well, though she is considered an Anodite hybrid being that are able to freely use and learn magic at a much faster capacity than that of other magic users.
  • She is more intelligent that her peers when she used to attended Celestia's School for Gifted Children.
  • For the first time, she actually used her powers out of context to attack her magic rival Trixie Diaspro in an attempt to get her to realize that she was still in love with Maxwell Blackwell.
  • Anissa often calls her Great Aunt Marie Flourite and Celestia Solaria 'trolls' because they do things that she considers a disruption to her life like transferring Trixie to live on Earth, live in Hinata Girls Dorm and enroll her into the same school.
  • Anissa and Daniel Nagisa are related to one another as cousins. She is aware of the fact that he is not from the current Tokyo time but from the future and has promised not to say anything. So far she has not which can be shown that she can keep a secret, as long as it is an important one.
  • She has a friend named 'Spike' but her Spike is different from Twilight Sparkle's who is a dragon and Anissa's is human.
  • Anissa loves to sing and dance but does not believe that she is any good despite others who have seen and heard her stating otherwise.
  • She has beaten Trixie on numerous occasions anytime the two of them have fought one another only Anissa doesn't nor has she bragged about how GREAT and POWERFUL she is like Trixie does.
  • The concept of Anodites originates from the 'Ben 10' series however they're considered alien beings and the known Anodites being Gwen Tennyson, Verdona Tennyson and Sunny Tennyson.
  • Anissa may have similar traits to Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 besides their Anodite abilities. They both are considered the voice of reason to those around them who get into frequent arguments, they study and are both intelligent, they have one Anodite relative that at least one other relative in their family fears as well as respects, Gwen & Twilight Sparkle share the same voice actress, Anissa was the same age that Gwen was when she started to learn about her powers, they both have magic rivals with Gwen's being Charmcaster and Anissa's being Trixie. It is currently unknown if Anissa has a cousin that would be similar to Gwen's cousin Sunny but there is a possibility that she just might or her mother may fill that roll of the jealous cousin with her own cousin Fai Flourite.
  • It is unknown if like Gwen, Anissa will have her own love interests in the near future.

Also SeeEdit

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