Though the Amaterasu Plaza houses a lot of shopping stores and restaurants, it is most known for the following popular hotspots. The Cat's Eye Cafe and Kenneth's Magic Shop. It also has large mall that holds a big indoor movie theater.

Cat's Eye CafeEdit

A local cafe restaurant that is a family owned business ran by Fai Flourite and Kurogane Kagoshima. It serves tea, coffee, salads, sandwiches, wraps and sushi plus many sweets prepared by the newly hired chef and waitress. There is even a stage where anyone is more than welcome to entertain the guests. All of the employees are either dressed in maid attire of butler attire when working but it gives off a nice soothing and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.




Chefs & CooksEdit

Kenneth's Magic ShopEdit

Kenneth's Magic Shop is a magic shop located on Autumn Court in Tokyo that's operated by Kenneth Mann. Ling Shin is also co-owner of the shop as well. This shop had a lot of magical artifacts both for humans and magical beings to come and use. Most of the stuff in the shop is harmless but there are some items present that are off limits to the public, especially books with a lot of dark magic spells within them. This off-limits area is located on the second floor.

Shop Manager(s):Edit

  • Kenneth Mann
  • Tyler Tsukishira

Shop Keeper(s):Edit

  • Julio Hashigami
  • Yuzume Tenjiro

Also SeeEdit

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