Airi ChibI-Chibi Akane Ryuuga Lawliet




Lunarian (technically)
Japanese American (adopted)




March 09th, 1994




Sailor Senshi - Sailor Cosmos


Todai University soon to be 02nd yr.
Art Club


Tokyo, Japan
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Airi enjoys spending time with her friends, even though at first she didn't believe that she would make any when she returned back to Earth as a teenager and was able to live out the rest of her life from that point on. She would do anything to protect them and keep them out of harm's way, putting her life on the line to make sure that they don't get hurt. The same goes with her family, especially her little sister Sakura. Airi is very protective of her and makes sure that anyone she deems to be suspicious doesn't get anywhere near her. The rest of her family drives her crazy but she loves them nonetheless. Airi's known to be a very good artist for she paints and draws many pictures of the people around her and those that she's close to. She did not display these strengths as a child, normally just simply scribbling random things on paper that could be hardly considered recognizable but it could be hinted that she enjoyed drawing then. She's been in a long time relationship with boyfriend Near that she's quite fond of being with. Airi has a good head on her shoulders and a good heart as well, not having a hard time making friends with others but will not tolerate any crap from them either if they so much as say or do anything she doesn't like.

Airi would not admit it but she is actually jealous of Kaku Sakuma and is bothered by the idea of her also liking her boyfriend Near but would not admit it or show it. Only her friend Rie Saotome was the only one that picked up on it and would chastise her cousin for trying to steal Airi's boyfriend. There are times Airi tends to doubt that her relationship with Near will last because of Kaku's interference but again, this is something she doesn't outwardly show around others. She also feels insecure about her own abilities, believing that she's not a strong enough Senshi like the others no matter how much she trains. Part of her wants to know who her real family were but knows that she never will since they are gone. This causes her to feel somewhat alone because she doesn't know if she had any siblings before her family was killed by an evil force. She doesn't talk to anyone about how she feels, preferring to keep it to herself to not have them worry about her.


Airi was at the average height of 5'2" but grew a couple of inches taller and is now 5'4" with blue eyes and long with ginger red hair originally was put up in heart shaped odangos that were curly when she was a child and when she returned back to Earth as a teenager she kept them and the rest of it went down to her feet just about but now that she'd cut it when she went undercover as a Tsukuba Girls Academy student, she cut it little bit shorter to here it now goes down to her waist and she wears it loose instead of up. She eventually decided to make this look permanent. The type of clothing she wears is simple, casual clothing of t shirts, shorts, pants, Capri's, her school uniform and for footwear she has on either tennis shoes or sandals. Though being ninteen years old, she wears a more mature and adult attire that consists of a a white long sleeve dress shirt that is blue colored at the rims of the collars. Her shirt is tucked into a pair of black shorts, that is held up by a white belt with a gold buckle. She also wears a red tie that reaches to the point of her belt, as well as a long khaki sweater that reaches to her upper thigh, and has black and white straps at the end of both sleeves and the rim. She has a habit of wearing her sweater so that the back portion dangles to her back and is only kept from falling by a pair of belt-like accessories on her arms. She also wears black long socks, and a pair of black boots to complete her outfit. As Princess Sailor Cosmos, her entire attire has changed from the usual leotard and dress. Now she has large pink wings on her back, her red hair still long but doesn't change to the heart shaped odangos when she transforms, she has blue above the elbow gloves, her top replaced with a blue tank with pink ruffles, blue shorts laced with pink petal shaped material hanging over it, and instead of boots or high heeled shoes, she is barefoot and has pink coils wrapped around her legs. The entire basic colors of the outfit itself is pink and blue and she doesn't wear a tiara on her forehead anymore, that being replaced with a gold crescent moon symbol on her forehead.


Chibi-Chibi Tsukino, now given the name Airi Ryuuga Lawliet, officially lives in Tokyo City with her new adoptive parents Hideki Ryuuga Lawliet and Jasmine Tsukino, and they'll also be having a child on the way as well which will be Airi’s sister. Originally, she belonged to the future, 30th Century Crystal Tokyo and traveled back in time as a two year old child to find comfort in the arms of a Senshi, more specifically Jasmine Tsukino also know as Sailor Star Moon|Princess Atinako (past life). She arrived in the city of Domino when Usagi, Jasmine and a few of the other Senshi went there to help stop whoever was harming innocent people. However, instead she bound herself to Seto Kaiba, a rich multi-billionaire, and Jasmine calling them 'mama' and 'dada'. She did that for awhile even when Jasmine moved back to Tokyo to start her life over. But when Sakura came into the picture to find out her who her future father was, Airi was taken back to the future to originally stay there permanently but upon finding about her true heritage and mission, she wanted to go back to the present as a teenager but stay there forever.

The council agreed and so now she is not allowed to travel back to the future again and returns to the present at the age of 15 years old, while in the 30th Century she is half the age of Chibi-Usa who is over 900 years old, but Airi is still mentally and physically 15 years old. The delay in her aging was due to the power of the Silver Crystal and the fact that her own powers as a Sailor Senshi had not been fully awakened. Her point in wanting to return to the past is because of finding out whom and what she is. She is an adopted Sailor Senshi of two guardians from the Moon Kingdom who died in a fight to protect her. While she is not a child of Jasmine's biologically, it has been believed that she was at first, Chibi-Usa's younger sister but she is not. Airi is also known as being the 'Light of Hope' which is said that such power one day will be needed one day to rid the world of all evil and that Sailor Senshi will not be needed anymore to protect the Earth for it'll finally be safe from harm. But to unleash this power, she must sacrifice herself to do so but once that happens, she cannot be reborn. Knowing of this, Airi decides to keep that hidden from the others as well as Jasmine for she doesn't want them to have to worry about her anytime she goes into battle to help them fight an enemy. The Council of Crystal Tokyo also sent her back to the present with a folder filled with information about her which she must give to whoever wishes to take her in. She keeps her original name 'Chibi-Chibi' but it was changed to Airi when she became adopted by Hideki and Jasmine.


Since being back into the present, she's made quite a bit of new friends and her first friend was a boy named Near who she was quite fond of as a friend before a recent incident where the both of them ended up sleeping together, actually changed that and now they're a couple. Sometimes she doesn't really like to admit it and feels a little embarrassed. Most of the time she's annoyed when Sakura starts poking fun at her and Near' relationship whenever she gets a chance. Airi still looks pretty much the same as she did when she was just a small child but she got tired of her old hairstyle and decided to change it. Her long red hair is not in its usual heart shaped odangos anymore, instead, she'd cut it so it now stops a little down her back and not her feet. Her personality is still the same for she loves sweet foods and drawing/painting has been her main hobby. Her art mostly focuses around drawing those around her and she especially likes to draw and sketch Near the most. Without knowing, she'd become one of Queen Ria's pawns, the dark woman's power forcing her to turn on her friends and almost caused her to kill Near. But with her own will power, she was able to break free of the hold that evil woman had over her, managing to evolve into her final Senshi form, despite the fact that she is much younger than all the other Senshi who have evolved as well. Though Near had forgiven her, she still feels bad about what she'd almost done to him.

Since everything is over, their relationship with each other is much stronger and basically to teach them that it's not all peaches and cream having a baby so Jasmine and Hideki put Airi and Near on baby sitting duty. As if that wasn't enough, she has to also deal with teenage versions of the twins Sen and Eishoin who are more of a handful than it is taking care of a now baby Sakura, who is nine months old. From that point on, Airi kept up with her studies in school, going back to attending Juuban Municipal Academy after that whole 'Tsukuba Academy' fiasco that caused her and a couple other people to go undercover as students. Turns out they were enemies that were taking star seeds too just like Queen Ria was, but they didn't support her plans. In the end, they were defeated as well. She's glad that it's been four years and no new enemy has popped up out of the wood works, but that doesn't mean the Senshi are in the clear just yet. There's no telling who could come around a corner in an instant and start attacking innocent civilians. So Airi's training with Setsuna to learn how to perfect and use her powers. She graduated from Juuban with high marks and all of her credits and decided that after about a year and a half of attending college at Todai University, Airi wanted to take a break and knew that she could always go back because it is not as if she was a bad student, in fact, quite the opposite. She was a good first year student but still wanted to take a break anyway and her parents were more than happy to oblige to her decision since they knew she never slacked off in her studies.


Near (Nate River)Edit

Airi grew fond of the new friend she'd made during her first year at Juuban Municipal Academy which was Near. At first, the two of them were just friends but the more they hung around one another, the more she'd began to develop feelings for him. Unfortunately, she didn't act on those feelings until a drunken night at a party thrown at the Kaiba Mansion where she and Near ended up becoming intimate with one another. At first she was horrified but grew to like the idea of being with him but unfortunately she'd began to worry about becoming pregnant because the two of them didn't use a condom. She didn't thankfully but nevertheless, she still is in love with him. Occasionally, she'd have problems with Rie Saotome's cousin Kaku Sakuma coming around trying to steal Near from her but she knew that Near would never leave her for Kaku.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Princess Cosmos, Make Up! - Used Cream Gem Broach to transform into Princess Sailor Cosmos.


  • Princess Sailor Cosmos - Princess Sailor Cosmos her entire attire has changed from the usual leotard and dress. Now she has large pink wings on her back, her red hair still long but doesn't change to the heart shaped odangos when she transforms, she has blue above the elbow gloves, her top replaced with a blue tank with pink ruffles, blue shorts laced with pink petal shaped material hanging over it, and instead of boots or high heeled shoes, she is barefoot and has pink coils wrapped around her legs. The entire basic colors of the outfit itself is pink and blue and she doesn't wear a tiara on her forehead anymore, that being replaced with a gold crescent moon symbol on her forehead.


  • Cosmos Tiare Staff – Cosmos's tiare is not the same as the three Moon Princesses. The design of it is long but with the top of it in the shape of a cream crystal heart with a planetary ring around it. She uses this to launch her two upgraded attacks, 'Cosmos Light' and 'Cosmos Healing'. She can also transform her tiare staff into the 'Sword of Sealing'.
  • Sword of Sealing – Shouting the words 'Staff Transformation', Cosmos is able to turn her Cosmos Tiare Staff into a sword, otherwise known as the 'Sword of Sealing'. It is a wide blade with two red gems set into the golden hilt. She's able to use this sword in battle to fight against her enemies.


  • Cosmos Light – This attack is involves Cosmos holding the staff in front of her and twirling it around in a complex manner to charge it. She then spins around, holds the staff above her head and calls out the attack name and instantly flashes of multicolored lights stream out of the top that are aimed at her enemies to either disintegrate them to dust or knock them off their feet.
  • Cosmos Healing – This is a healing ability more than it is an attack that is like a final blow. She holds the staff above her head, a trail of glitter and mist is emanated. She then moves it in a wide circular motion, drawing an outline of a circle in front of her, then with both hands she holds the staff in the manner of holding a baseball bat and with all her strength, she'd hit the drawn circle at her target to heal them, turning them back to normal.
  • Power Lending – Just by grabbing someone’s hand when they’re in danger, she is able to lend them a new power to use or strengthen their original abilities. This has not be upgraded since she's evolved.
  • Senshi Dust – This ability is what evolved Sailor Senshi gain when they evolve. It is a special power in their wings in the form of fairy dust they’re able to use just by simply flapping them lightly but at a rapid pace to create the dust. It's the power in their wings in the form of fairy dust that they can use, which allows them to remove any dark power from the body of another, return a person's memories only if they request it, heal wounds as long as they're not too severe, heal only certain types of disabilities such as: blindness, being unable to walk, anything that isn't life threatening. There are only a few Sailor Senshi that are forbidden to use this power along with any new ones they obtain, that requires certain conditions for them to be used. Airi is not one of them, therefore she is exempt from punishment.

Airi GalleryEdit

  • Sailor Chibi-Chibi Moon
  • Chibi Chibi
  • Airi as Sailor Cosmos
  • Airi wearing Tsukuba Girls uniform
  • Airi with new hair cut
  • Airi at fifteen-sixteen years old
  • Airi at age ninteen
  • Princess Sailor Cosmos
  • Princess Sailor Cosmos of Water


  • Chibi-Chibi was given the name Airi by Hideki and Jasmine upon her return to the present.
  • Chibi-Chibi originally was made to be the star seed of Sailor Galaxia, however, this version of her is made to where she is her own person with no family of her own and became adopted into Jasmine's family.
    Airi was made to be Sailor Cosmos, an older version of Chibi-Chibi with red hair.

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